"Boy, do I need a cup of tea!"

"Boy, do I need a cup of tea!"

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After a long, exhausting day, the first words out of my mouth, as I arrive home are “Boy, I need a cup of tea.”

Making the tea only takes a few minutes, but those minutes matter. I find it relaxing to watch the Earl Grey tea slowly diffuse into my mug of hot water.  I then add a “glub glub” of vanilla syrup, and just enough milk to turn the tea a caramel shade.

As I sit down with my tea, I start to decompress and unwind. With each sip, my thoughts start to drift, and my stress level lowers. I hold my mug tightly, allowing its warmth to enter my body, as I breathe in the aroma and exhale slowly. Once finished, the clanking sound of my mug hitting the table wakes me up. I’m re-energized and ready to get back to reality.

Tea is more than just my stress reliever - it’s my chance to take a pause from life. Sometimes I like to drink my tea alone, and stare out the window. Other times, I drink my tea while conversing with others. Nearly every day, my mom and I share the events of our day over a cup of tea. When my aunt comes to visit, we usually have deep conversations, and tea is always present.

I’m quickly learning that I can’t control every aspect of my life, and dealing with challenges is inevitable. What I can do, however, is first make a cup of tea.

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