Start it Up!

Start it Up!

Greetings, tea friends! We are more than half way through another week! Can you believe it?! This holiday season is very quickly approaching! Because of this and because we are as nervous as you about the news that keeps reminding us of increased shipping times, we encourage you to start your holiday shopping now with our next holiday collection, our Start It Up

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines as we present this awesome collection!
"Start it Up!" has been created as a bit of a "beginner's kit" for the tea novice in your life. We have heard from so many of you how much you are loving your teas and, subsequently, how badly you want to share this with your loved ones. 
Often times, newbies aren't even sure where to begin and that's where you come in. With this collection, we have included two of our most popular teas, along with a packet of our DIY biodegradable tea bags! 
You already guessed it, of course we included 2 ounces our Hot Cinnamon Spice in this box! This tea is, by far, our most popular tea. It is a black tea that is highlighted with the citrus chips for a visual appeal. We often hear that this tea is "Christmas in a cup!". How perfect! Below I have added a video of our associate that details this tea more! 
We also included 2 ounces of our Cream of Earl Grey. You've probably heard of Earl Grey before. It is a worldwide renowned and loved tea. You may be wondering "How could you possibly make Earl Grey better?". Say no more. First, the "Cream" in the name doesn't have to do with a lactose portion. This part of the title simply alludes to the creaminess of the flavors you will experience. Our Cream of Earl Grey includes the classic bergamot flavors that are then heightened and highlighted by notes of Madagascar vanilla. You will also notice the blue cornflowers in this blend that add a floral note and blend nicely with the orange peel, again for visual appeal. I have added another video here, as Aubrey is a rockstar at further detailing our teas! 
Last, but certainly not least, this collection comes with our DIY teabags. Sometimes tea rookies are intimidated at the thought of having to buy an infuser along with other tea ware. When they are just starting out these tea bags are a great transitional product. They are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and what's even cooler? They are tough enough for multiple steeps! We carry these in both 20-count and 100-count packs. In this collection, your tea recruit receives a packet of 20! When they become hooked, and want an infuser, don't worry, we've got it from there! 
We are so excited about this collection and it is the perfect way to share your love for tea with those that mean the most to you! Let us know what you think and let your loved ones know "Welcome to the Good Life (Tea) ;)" from us! - Kaytea :)
P.S. Don't forget to check out all of our holiday collections here! We have specially curated them all for you this holiday season. They are a wonderful gift for anyone on your list!

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