Dessert Without Guilt

Dessert Without Guilt

Happy Thursday (or almost Friday, as we call it here!), tea friends! Oh, and what a happy "almost Friday" it is! We have a sweet Holiday Collection to announce for you today!



Who, like me, has quite the sweet tooth? Do you relish in the slogan, "Dessert before dinner"? Are you always the "likely suspect" in your home when something sweet is suspiciously missing? Do you share similarities to Buddy the Elf that surpass his allegiance to the Christmas season?



If you, again like me, answered yes to any or all of the above, then you my "sweet" friend (pun intended ;) ), are a bon vivant for the desserts! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! We have chosen to actually encourage it here at Good Life Tea this holiday season! 

We know that having a sweet tooth, especially this time of year, is tough. If you are trying to stay to a diet, it can be even tougher and we want to help! To do so, we brought back this collection; Dessert Without Guilt
Dessert Without Guilt is a compilation of 3 of our sweetest, most decadent teas that all simulate desserts without those pesky calories that we are always hearing about! The collection is comprised of 1 ounce of each of the following teas and it's all only $12! You cannot beat this! 
Let's start first with Florence! Florence, one of our top teas, begins with a black tea base that is embellished with strong notes of hazelnut. These hazelnut highlights are finished with flavors of melted chocolates and vanilla. With traveling still being quite difficult and when you can't easily to travel to the timeless city of Florence, let this cup of tea take you there. Imagine yourself sitting alongside the Piazza della Signoria, sipping this dessert-like-delight! 
Next up comes our Scottish Caramel Puerh. Another one of our tops teas, this black Puerh tea, is one we often recommend to our customers who are looking to drink less coffee. It's bold and robust flavors are a good alternative to coffee, and are only more so enhanced by the flavors of caramel and toffee. I personally love this tea in the afternoon as a bit of a "pick-me-up". It satisfies my sweet tooth and leaves me rejuvenated and ready to take on the remainder of my day! Below I have added a video of one of our customers with her son, doing their own review of this tea! Take it from them, it's "really, REALLY, smooth"! 
Last, we had to include an ounce of Vanilla Chai in this collection. This tea is absolutely beaming with the classic spices of Chai; cinnamon, cardamom, etc. It is tempered down by black tea and the vanilla notes that accompany. If you love vanilla bean ice cream (who doesn't?), this is the tea for you! We continually get only 5 star reviews on it and you could be the next to give us a new one! 
Enjoy this collection, satisfy your sweet tooth, and do so all calorie and guilt free! As temperatures start to cool, we hope that you are staying cozy and getting excited for all of our exciting, upcoming holidays! - Kaytea :) 
P.S. We would like to an extend an exuberant "Welcome Back!" to our Canadian customers, now that the border has been reopened to the vaccinated. We hope that we get the chance to see you and serve you a cup in our store! 

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