Ice Wine Tea - A Tea Made With Frozen Grapes

Frozen Grapes make Ice Wine.

Its a Western NY and Canadian Thing

A much sought after summer tea with the crispness, sharpness, and lushly acidic possibilities of chilled wine, Ice Wine tea is bound to compel even the most seasoned of tea experts. If there is a drawback to this briskly delicious strain of tea (there isn't, really), it's that the wine that it incorporates is sadly de-alcoholized during the process. One must humbly recall that life cannot, after all, be all good all the time.

Ice Wine Tea? But I Haven't Even Tried Ice Wine!

Ever wonder why a microwave ignites metal into sparks and flames? Microwaves serve one incredibly targeted function: they agitate the water molecules in foods (and drinks) at incredible rates. Since metal is without internal moisture, the few semi-hydraulic elements become somewhat hysterical, leading to eventual sparks. Food is mostly water. Not all, but most. This is why the cheese on your pizza gets gooey in seconds in a microwave while the crust and tomato sauce heat on their own schedule.

Harvesting Ice Wine is cold hard workIt's also why grapes frozen completely solid and then starved of their water content become incredibly pure and condensed sources of the core elements (the grapeness, if you will) that form a wine's flavor profile. Wine drinkers will know (and happily tell you - they do love to share their expertise) that these remaining elements are acids, aromatics, and sugars. Essentially, these are clarified and concentrated in frozen grapes and can easily be separated from the filler water. From this concentrate, the elite ice wine can be made.

Northern Exposure

Infusing ice wine with tea might sound inevitable, but it actually yields a deeply curious and rich composition, rather than a gimmick of any kind. The ripeness of the grapes and the sweetness of their concentrated frozen form make for an alluring blend with tart black base leaves. Infusion can be carried out several ways, but always ends with a delicately fruity underlying chill, and layers of almost foggy black tea above, with each sip as complex as you could hope for without simply being overwhelming or falling into the trap of some fruit teas in mistaking crispness for clarity.

It's an ideal summertime drink. For those uninitiated, it's a conversation topic in and of itself. Once the brows have unraised, it's worth discussing Canada's rise in the vineyard industries, which have made ice wines a staple of their output. Wine country in Canada (that's right) represents, as of this year, more than a billion dollar prospect. And our neighbors to the north are plenty proud of this frosty innovation, which is why you'll often see the 'correct full name' written out as Canadian Ice Wine tea.

Finger Lakes is Wine CountryHere in the Finger Lakes wine county, which lies in chilly western NY, has also embraced this winter harvest drink. A local winery, Casa Larga, has a winter festival around the harvest of the grapes. While the output is not as large as Canada's, NY is jumping on the Ice Wine wagon.

Canada, however, didn't invent the wheel with this one, but only perfected its tea-infusion format. For proper thoroughness, we must mention that eiswein itself is as German as apple strudel, a phenomenon that, in keeping with German's tradition of practicality, occurred only on the single coldest day of the year. The process of guessing when this will be and collecting the hyper-sweetened cryo-grapes before the sun rises and rots them makes for an old and storied tradition.

Summertime, And The Livin's Easy!
In these cold days of winter, Ice Wine tea allows you to transport to warmer days lakeside. Ice Wine tea has a fine range to it, though it's a very sweet and bright (rather than dynamic) tea. It can be a more mellow and plain brew, or a sharply-flavored point of discussion. Strength varies according to the tea used during infusion. Chilled iced tea pitchers are lovely and long lasting, with their cooling vaporous flavor to add to your summer afternoons. And a hot cup still provides that rarest of things: a new sensation. The 'frozen warmth' of a cup is unique indeed. Let it's crisp, rare, sweetness rush through your summer like a frozen northern breeze.

A hot cuppa of Ice Wine Tea

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  • I stopped using alcohol but before I stopped I used to drink ice wine. I was worried the tea would have an alcoholic content but when I saw the drink ‘’de-alcoholized’’ on making I tried it and it was delicious.

    sheeraz Khan on
  • My daughter just returned from a trip to New York, which had to include Niagara Falls and the Maid of the Mist. While on the Canadian side, she purchased Maple Tea and Canada True Herbal Cranberry Tea. She said she also saw one named Iced Wine, but wasn’t sure if I would like it. After she Googled Ice Wine Tea, and read me the ingredients, I am anxious to try it, and will be placing an order.

    Sandra Brand on
  • Hi Fran
    Yes we do free samples. Email us your address and we can get you out a sample.
    Thanks for asking
    Rob the Tea Guy
    Good Life Tea

    Rob the Tea Guy on
  • Do you send out samples? Cuz I’m interested in this wine tea but would like to try it 1st

    Fran Salvato on

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