The secret ingredient to a great cup of tea

The secret ingredient to a great cup of tea

Good clean water at the right temperature

Three ingredients are essential to making a great cup of tea.

  1. Good clean neutral water
  2. Great loose leaf tea
  3. Hot water at the correct temperature


1. Good clean water

Water  without too many minerals,Clean water is very important for tea makes the best tea. Too many minerals and metals and your tea will taste bad (think sulfur) and too few will make it flat.  Do not use distilled water because it is devoid of minerals. Chlorine which is used to make drinking water safe can also ruin a cup of tea with its harsh chemical smell.

If your water has a mineral or chlorine smell, use a Britta style filter. These types of filters use activated charcoal to remove minerals, metals and chlorine and gives your tea water a neutral clean taste which is great for making tea.

Perhaps your tea may loose some taste-enhancing minerals but its better than having your tea taste strongly of offending minerals, metals and chlorine.

Some tea bloggers have written about the use of bottled water but the reviews are mixed on the advantages of bottled water. After all, most bottled water is just filtered water. However, some actually come from natural springs (Poland Springs) and have a pleasing balance of minerals and metals, but the monetary and environmental expense may not be worth the cost. (environmental expense refers to amount of gasoline burned to transport the water from the source to you + the manufacture and disposal of plastic water bottles)

2. Great Tea.  

Since you already are a Good Life Tea drinker, you understand the need for great tea. If you're not enjoying Good Life Tea, then here is a simple analogy.

Have you drank premium coffee shop coffee?  Have you drank instant coffee - the powdered kind you stir into a cup of hot water? There is a big difference, isn't there?  That is the same kind of difference between tea-bags and the premium loose leaf tea we offer at Good Life Tea.  Simply put a great cup of tea needs premium loose leaf tea - preferably ours.

3. Hot water at the correct temperature.  

Most black teas can be made with boiling hot water. Boiling water is easy to make. Simply look for rapid bubbles or listen for the whistling kettle. But for green and white teas, the water temperatures need to be lower.  Getting the correct steeping temperatures is more challenging.

There are a few visual ways to determine  the correct temperatures. You can read Chinese tea instructions and follow the directions that read, "..when the tiny bubbles form your water is ready..". Or we can get a probe thermometer and take a temperature reading. Or you can guess.

All of these methods work more or less, but why not simplify with a variable temperature electric tea kettle.


Our electric tea kettle comes with 5 temperature setting Purchase stainless steel variable temperature electric tea kettleso you can heat the exact amount of water to the precise temperature. With the auto shut feature, you don't need to worry about the water boliing away and burning your tea kettle.  Another deluxe feature of our electric tea kettle is that your water temperature is maintained until you pour the water. This allows for the distractions of life while keeping things safe from a burning tea kettle.

With our safe kettle, save time and money. Because you make the exact amount of water you require, your wait time is shorter and because it takes less time to heat water, you save money on precious energy costs.

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