Rooibos - A kid approved and safe tea

Offer Loose Leaf Rooibos herbal tea to your Kids

Do you need a healthy sugar free and caffeine free drink that your kids will love?  Rooibos tea to the rescue!! Known as redbush the thin  leaves from this bush have been enjoyed by  South Africans for hundreds of years.  Recently, scientist have discovered that the naturally sweet "tea" from Rooibos has many health benefits for kids as well as adults.

But best of all, your kids will love this drink.  It has a reddish color and is naturally thirst quenching and is 100% delicious.  We sell many blends that your children will love.  Our rooibos blends have a natural sweetness but no calories. Get your kids off the sugar filled drinks. Your teenage kids will love Rooibos iced tea and will thank you for serving it. 

Kids and mom approved.  Drink to your children's health. 

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