Green Teas for Buddhist Monks

Buddhist monks love green teas for concentration focus and energy.  L-theanine, an amino acid found in green teas has been scientifically proven to help focus and bring about a calmness that counters the caffeine found in all tea. Tea also contains caffeine which is naturally occurring. 

For centuries, Buddhist monks inherently knew that green teas helped in their meditation.  They did not know the hard science we now have, but they knew from experience over centuries of practice.  They understood the effects of the caffeine to stimulate the body and the energy it gave.  Caffeine can be felt especially if you have a meager diet like they did.  The bonus was the L-theanine which helped them focus and brought on the feeling of calm.

During meditation, the body and mind is challenged.  The point of meditation is to rest your body and mind and concentrate on being present in the moment.  If you ever tried meditation, you know that clearing your mind is very difficult.  Thoughts constantly pop up.  Your mind wanders tremendously.  When you finally tame your mental thoughts, then sleepiness sets in.  Dozing off is common and is okay.

But the monks did not want to doze off, therefore the caffeine was a great help.  But caffeine does energize you and makes you want to go in 5 directions at once. That side effect is not the goal of their meditation.  Luckily, green teas contains L-theanine which helps with focus, concentration and also gives a sense of calmness. The monks loved green teas for this sense of well being.  Perhaps it felt like Nirvana; a goal monks wanted to achieve.

If your life has a wellness practices, then you should drink green teas to help you with your meditation.  Drink it a few minutes prior.  Incorporate the tea making into your meditation.  Focus on the task of making your tea.  Be present in the moment and give thanks for delicious tea you are enjoying.  Achieve your own Nirvana with green teas and meditation.