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Fruit Teas / Tisanes





Last Mango in Paris - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
Close your eyes, take a sip, and get carried away to “The City of Love” with this titillating herbal fruit tea blend inspired by Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci’s steamy 1972 film, Last Tango in Paris. The film, which portrays a salacious affair between a widower played by Marlon Brando and a young Parisian woman, was a cinematic scandal that ruffled feathers worldwide.  Much like its namesake, which was deemed too risque for the public in several countries, this juicy and floral blend is sure to rev your engine.  A tango of flavors combines luscious mango, juicy orange and apple with flowery hibiscus and rosehips that don’t lie, creating a tea so sultry it should be government-censored! Its lemony character provides a lively kick, complimented by the addition of elderberries, which have been shown to boost respiratory health and alleviate allergies and flu symptoms. Whether you’re curling up on a winter’s day or that summer night is about...
Berry Berry - Organic Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
The loose leaf fruit tea so nice you have to say its name twice.  Berry Berry walks the fine line between indulgence and simple fructose-soaked pleasure. But need we worry about where pleasure and recreation meet or simply enjoy? Truly; Berry Berry puts simplicity back into the simple pleasure that is afternoon tea.  It also brews to a playful shade of purple that children tend to love. Here's how it pulls that minor miracle off: elderberry and hibiscus and raisin meet a baseline blueberrry tang to create this incredibly gardenial blend. Caffeine free and sure to suit any diet or health goals; Berry Berry earns its name and then some. Every pleasure in life has two sides. Berry Berry shows off its multifaceted character by being both tangy and sweet in turns. Tart with hibiscus and elderberry, the raisin steps in to add sugary blooms in each mouthful. But its...
Bright Orange - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
Bright Orange - Fruit flavored loose leaf tea Quenches like nice else. Grab some today. What a welcome surprise every time an herbal tea has all of the flavor and potency of an old fashioned cuppa. Not to mention a little something extra. The secret to this tea – often cited as a tea-lover's favorite? Does what it says on the tin. Labeled Bright Orange; this is a spirited tea with an unquenchable (but not overpowering) basin of citric orange flavor. This unique blood-orange tisanal can be enjoyed in the afternoon along with a few minute's quiet break or added to one's normal daily tea time. Sweet but tangy enough to be a more “serious” fruit tea; Bright Orange is deceptively delicious. Fruit tea calls to mind specific times and locations. It's the sort of aromatic experience that locks itself in memory and insists on only returning at the nostalgic...
Bingo Blueberry - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
A fruity concoction that is certain to excite the taste buds in the same way a rousing game of bingo excites the mind! There was a drinker who had a tea and Bingo Blueberry was it's name-o! This light burgundy-red brew is a mixture of all-natural ingredients: dried elderberries, raisins,  apple, cornflower petals, hibiscus and all natural blueberry flavoring. Its aroma is one of sweet fruit and freshly harvested herbs. With a pinch of organic cane sugar, this caffeine free "tea" becomes a sweet treat that can be enjoyed hot or iced, morning or night.  Blueberries are extremely healthy. Their many health benefits include reduced blood sugar, memory retention, lowered cholesterol and lowered blood pressure. Blueberries also contain nutrients such as vitamins C and K, and dietary fiber. In addition to the health properties of blueberries, elderberries have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. They have been shown to reduce respiratory congestion, treat rheumatism, and...
Pina Colada - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
If you close your eyes and wiggle your toes, you will find yourself somewhere else. If it's not summertime where you are, it is someplace else. Children dream of digging to the other side of the world and walking upside down in Australia, but for adults, the wonder of the eternal summer dream is more easily accessed, and can be no further away than a delicious cup of herb and fruit tea. Awash with tart, sweet, melty summer character, our Pina Colada fruit tea is an exceptional offering, hot or cold, and one that – caffeine free – you can enjoy all afternoon long. A fruit tea is a unique category of tisanal. Dried fruit, floral and herbal teas release their flavor collection differently, and often in a manner distinct to their specific batch. Many drinkers will note the quick release of the early, sharpest flavors, and indeed the coconut...
Angel Falls Mist - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
. Engulf yourself in the mist of a strawberry waterfall. Totally intoxicating and so very refreshing. Rising from an internationally sourced collection; the extraordinary blend of flavors in our Angel Falls Mist  loose leaf fruit tea is not for the faint of flavor. Rather, it will delight even the most dubious lover of rich flavor collections. Think you're the man who's tried it all? The woman who's love of tapestric fruity profiles could never be satisfied? The connoisseur who knows just what the day has in store when he's confronted with a tea with more than six point sources of flavor in its collection? Think again. Angel Falls Mist describes such complexity in an herbal tisane, you'll hardly be done with your first hot cup before you're ready to ice a batch. That's how versatile this blend is. Iced, hot: it's ready to surprise you. Can you imagine the accent that this tea would have...
Cranberry Apple - Organic Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
Cranberry Apple - Not too sweet and not too tart. A fall favorite A strong contestant in swaying people in the eternal “hot or cold?” debate: organic Cranberry Apple offers to let you have your tea and drink it too: it's superb cold or hot. A no-nonsense herbal fruit blend, this tisane features a mouth-watering cast of the usual herbal suspects; plus a few surprise guests in center-stage positions. Let's begin with citrus, since your mouth will feel it first. The unswerving tradition of mixing orange peel with hibiscus and rosehip is honored here leading to that time-tested blend of managerial soothing and citrus snap. It's impossible to ignore the puckish sweetness on display here, even as the more mature nostril-fuls of apple enter the mix. The collection's identity, though, is still – just for a moment – untethered until the arrival of the cranberry, whose gravity pulls the mixture to the tongue and throat, making each gulp an...
Strawberry Kiwi - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
A fruit tea combining kiwi, the fruit from the land down under and ripe springtime strawberries. Nostalgia is a tricky thing to bottle. It's also the dominant item in mind of this tea's developers. With New York summer in mind: this blend was carefully crafted to evoke the rich, fruity sensation of strolling the along Long Island shoreline. See if you can ignore the comfort resting deep in this tea. Versatility is key here: and in the summertime, there is little that can compete with the tones in a strawberry-kiwi tea. To say that it's refreshing is to do little justice to the flavor collection of this fruity tea. With familiarity on its side; Strawberry Kiwi's overall profile lends itself well to a hot or cold serving. Sucrose pushes forward, insisting lightly that the strawberry not be ignored even as the tarter notes of kiwi make themselves apparent. This blend of fruity...
Blue Eyes - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
Frankie - Old Blue Eyes himself use to croon - And I did my way.  Teas categorized as herbal and fruit are – in some circles – treated as newcomers to the arena. This blend accommodates the tastes of people who wanted to experience a refreshing healthy new style drink without caffeine. So whether you think of our Blue Eyes fruit blend as a guilt-free treat or simply just a fascinating and fresh` new format for true tea-ness to take; we know that satisfaction will be singular and lingering. How can we make this promise? What we've got is a terrific ‘tea’ that is unbelievably delicious and enjoyed hot or cold! Versatile and well suited to newcomers and experts alike; this tea has a downright exotic flavor collection. It begins with the sweetest and tartest notes of caramel and fruit. The fruit, for its part, is unveiled in a medley of flavors...
Amethyst Berry - Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
Purple is a color that is often associated with royalty and this tea is certainly fit for the kings and queens. It brews to a vibrant purple color that is incredibly pleasant just to gaze into, but your delight will be enhanced as this tea graces your palate. Blended with hibiscus, butterfly pea flower, apple pieces, rose hips, orange, papaya flavor, blueberries, strawberries, and natural blackberry flavors, as you sip this decadence your taste buds will be delighted by the depth and continual surprises present in this tea. While it is certainly delicious both hot and cold, we highly recommend this tea chilled. It is very refreshing and a wonderful treat for any afternoon! Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit Health properties: Hypo-allergenic, respiratory-positive. Flavor strength: Modest, primary collection is papaya with  deep berry notes. Caffeine: None.
Canandaigua Chill - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
Canandaigua Chill is our signature blend of apple, strawberry and a touch of cinnamon spice. Sometimes it only takes a word, or a phrase. Spice. Apple. Chill. The warmth and closeness conjured up by the images, smells, and even sounds that these bring up is, for many people, immediate. In America apples, spice, and apple-flavored (and apple-spiced!) things are perhaps most closely associated with the home-bound holidays of the fall and winter seasons or even the quintessential American Apple Pie. But a great tea is good any time and any place, and our Canadaigua Chill captures the autumnal pleasures of its hearty flavor collection and makes them accessible year-round. Add a healthy dose of varietal berry flavors and a pinch of clove, hibiscus, and other tantalizing wild cards, and you have an incredible blend: cosmopolitan and homey in each sip. Canadaigua Chill abounds with herbal goodness. A true herbal fruit...
Ginger's Island - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
. A sit-com inspired fruit tea. Gilligan's tribute fruit tea for the lovely, spicy, cast-away Ginger. Ginger spices up this tropical blend of dried apples, coconut, pineapple, rose hip, hibiscus and lemongrass. Step aboard for your 3 hour tour and lose yourself in your own island bliss.
Joyful Release - Loose Fruit Tea - new
$ 10.00
The main ingredient present in our Joyful Release proves turmeric. Widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to help with blood sugar control, this relative to ginger is often overlooked. We don’t know why but are here to change this! In Joyful Release you will see apple pieces, orange, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, rose hips, black peppercorn, mango pieces, natural orange flavor, marigold flowers, and natural mango flavors are all present. This unexpected combination creates a dynamic and delicious tea. The fruity notes are contrasted by the slight peppercorn present and the turmeric alongside cinnamon adds a spicy side as well! We’ve heard that this is a great tea to try iced and we highly recommend you give it a try! Base leaf: Fruit/Herbal Base  Health properties: Anti-inflammatory; help with blood sugar maintenance Flavor strength: Moderate and dynamic. Caffeine: No caffeine
Bella Coola - Organic Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
What a lovely Infusion! A tea predominantly orange in character with a touch of pineapple sweetness. This multi-faceted tea works several refreshing angles even as it takes its sweet, unhurried time. Tangy sweetness and crisp layers make this vitamin rich, caffeine-free tea perfectly adaptable as an iced tea as well. Connoisseurs and newcomers alike will delight in the tropical possibilities that arrive with an immune-system boosting vitamin C kick. Serve hot in the winter and cold in the summer garnished with fresh pineapple or a slice of orange. Wondering what else Bella Coola could possibly accomplish with its elegant sweet-tang richness? Freeze a batch as popsicles and watch kids beg for more. Finally, for winding down at the end of long day sipping this summer infusion by the pool, explore how it also makes a nice base for summer cocktails. Brew it extra strong for a deep red color that fades...
C of Tranquility - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
A super blend of sleepy time organic herbs consisting of Chamomile flowers, Peppermint and Rooibos. The immortal words uttered from the moon wouldn't have been possible without one special letter: C. Or, more accurately, the “sea” that we hear in that letter. Parallel is the literal Sea of Tranquility – a dried oceanbed on the moon that rippled to life for the briefest moment when the Apollo lunar module touched down years ago. But the C also represents the Vitamin C plentiful in this tisane. Like that one letter, the word “tranquility” contains much. Feelings of peace and rest and the binding of the two. Just as not all rest or sleep is peaceful; not all teas are equal in their effect on the mind and body. We drink different tisanals at different times and with different intent. C of Tranquility is a unique blend with a flavor collection that...
Lakeside Calm -Organic Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
The perfect accompaniment for your lazy summer days with its refreshing taste and calming properties. We all crave an endless summer lounging by Canandaigua Lake with nothing but hammocks, sunshine, and cool water to wash away the worries of our "real life".   Our crisp blend of hibiscus, lemon and lavender creates a sophisticated Iced Tea that brews up dark pink.  A hint of delicate lavender makes you ponder the small joys of life, like this delicious tea. After your summer respite, close your eyes as you sip Lakeside Calm and think about your favorite lake and calmness will wash over you. Enjoy Lakeside Calm cold steeped in our Mist Iced Tea Maker.  For a slightly sweeter iced tea,try adding 1-2 teaspoons of sugar and a splash of fresh lemon.  It makes a wonderful hot tea too, Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit Health properties: Vitamin C qualities known. Flavor strength: Full, notable. Primary collection is slightly tart...
Ipanema Clementine Spice - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
As its Brazilian name suggests, this light summery tea mixes tropical fun with sassy spice.  Sourcing tea ingredients from the U.S., Thailand, and Spain, this delicious blend is a caffeine-free herb and fruit tea sure to delight those looking for a pointed, sweet taste that won't make you crash.  Rich and varied, Ipanema Clementine is a spice-tinged tea with a firm herbal collection and primary orange notes that are direct but not overwhelming. Hot or cold, this tea's warm mix of geographical and stylistic influences makes it a suggested vacation brew. Vitamin C takes the spotlight and herbal enthusiasts will love the absence of caffeine in this gardenial tisanal where there's no tea to be found. Citrus and herb are a longstanding blend used around the globe for calming, toxin-removal properties as well as their immune system boosting vitamin content. Taste doesn't take the back seat here, steering the orange flavor through the herbal landscape, spicing the aftertaste...
Hip Hop Honey Licorice - Loose Fruit Tea
$ 10.00
A zany sweet licorice fruit tea that is uncommonly delicious - an acquired taste for most.  It's sweet, refreshing, and a natural pick-me-up: Hip Hop Honey Herb and Fruit Tea is a caffeine free blend of sweet and wholesome fruit like apples and currants, fennel, cornflower petals, hibiscus, rose hip pieces, and licorice. Each sip of this tea brings ease to the mind: it conjures images of bees humming and bopping from flower to flower, warm spring breezes billowing through newly-bloomed roses, and the bright meadow sun, bringing warmth and livelihood to all of nature.  Hip Hop Honey delivers myriad health properties that contribute to a healthful lifestyle. The naturally dried apples and currants provide vitamins, while the fennel, cornflower petals, hibiscus, rose hip, and licorice contribute the coveted antioxidants that so many other beverages lack. Hip Hop Honey and Fruit Tea is naturally sweetened by thick, luxurious, golden honey. This natural alternative to processed, granulated sugar...