Amber Sugar Crystals - Unrefined Sugar - extra
$ 4.50
Sugar in raw form. Pebble sized. Melts slowly. Slightly caramel flavor.  Packed in zip lock pouches for freshness. Sealed to keep the pouch closed tight. Great replacement for the Teavana sugar crystals.  
Mennä Travel Tea Mug - extra - new
$ 40.00
Many of our tea aficionados have told us how much they love our teas, and that they want to be able to take it with them on the go. We hear you, and would like to introduce you to our newest tea ware product, the Mennä Travel Tea Mug!  This travel mug is the absolute easiest, most convenient, and best made product in terms of taking your premium loose leaf tea on the go. It involves just 3 easy steps.  1. Fill the infuser basket with your favorite premium loose leaf tea. 2. Fill your travel mug with water (hot or cold both work) and attach the top. 3. After the appropriate steeping time (don't worry, we list this time on each of our teas), twist the gray ring on your travel mug to commence the steeping of your tea.  Yes, that's it! Wah-lah! You are ready to enjoy your tea anywhere you go....
Hinged Lid Tea Tins
$ 4.25
Tea should be properly stored in a air-tight container, and preferably one which keeps out sunlight.  Our tea tins have a hinged lid that closes tightly These simple, modern containers can keep your tea fresh for longer than bags, can be stacked to keep your stash organized, and bought in a color to match your kitchen, or the inside of the locked cupboard where you hide your teas, in case of burglary by thieves with good taste.  If you're looking for more reasons to tin your teas, check out the blog post dedicated to just that: http://bit.ly/291E2rY Food Grade and air tight. Dimensions 3 x 3 x 4.25 tall Available in 6 colors - Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Silver, Gold. Holds between 1.5 ounces to 6 ounces of tea. (Oolongs, Whites, Citron Green, Dragonwell and Chamomile are fluffy, so less fits inside.)  Just specify at check-out which of your teas you'd like in...
Washi Tins
$ 17.00
These beautifully handmade washi tins are a stylish and sensible way to hold your teas. They are 6 inches tall and will hold about 6 ounces of tea! We love these to keep your teas fresh and extend the life of them!
Glass Tea Pot Warmer
$ 18.00
Keep your tea warm with this elegant candle heated tea pot warmer. Fits nicely with our 27 ounce glass tea pot. One tea candle included.
Matcha Measuring Spoon
$ 5.50
Stainless Steel Half Teaspoon Measure your Matcha accurately so you get consistent results in your cup. This is a half teaspoon. Perfect for precisely measuring your Matcha. 1/2 teaspoon is perfect for 8 ounces of liquids like hot water, smoothies, etc. Check out our Matcha and Matcha bowls Household spoons will not measure consistent quantities and using them may make some cups of Matcha stronger or weaker.  Why take a chance? With this spoon you will measure the same amount for the perfect cup every time. Order now. $4.99. Free shipping available.
Darjeeling Tea Strainer
$ 6.00
This tea strainer catches tea leaves on their way from the kettle or pot to the cup. While traditionally used in a more formal English tea settings, this strainer can be used to give your everyday tea ritual an air of formality. It is made of stainless steel with a fine mesh.
Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon
$ 3.00
7"L BAMBOO TEA SPOON Traditional Matcha spoon.