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Look what the Easter bunny brought our way to share with you!

Easter Collections!





Easter Blooms!
$ 12.00
One of the most exciting things about Easter is the potential for growth and blooming. Sometimes in life we think we are in a tough or trying spot. Perhaps you are simply planted and waiting to bloom, friends. We wanted to exemplify this in our Easter Blooms Set. In this set you will receive one of each of the three types of our extraordinarily fun, hand-tied tea blossoms.   You will find one of our Delirium blossoms, one of our 3 Flower bursts, and one of our Jasmine Spring Bloom.  These hand-tied tea balls will expand naturally in your tea glass for you to watch as they steep. It is absolutely stunning and a lovely way to engage guests!  Bloom with us, bunny!
Think Pink!
$ 39.00
As spring has arrived, we can't help but feel as though we are surrounded by the color pink. We see tulips popping up and bunny ears being colored in. We see cherry blossoms and rosy cheeks from the new warmth around us!  This Spring Collection is inspired by the color pink that we are seeing constantly and want you to experience as well!  In it you will receive a tin filled with 3 ounces of our Amethyst Berry tea, as well as another tin filled with 3 ounces of our Angel Falls Mist.  Our Amethyst Berry is comprised of lots of butterfly pea flower along with lots of delicious berries including elderberry, and blueberry for a little tangy finish! All together, when steeped, this beautiful tea ends up a beautiful purple/magenta color that will have you even more excited for the tulips to come! In our Angel Falls Mist you will find a blend of citrus...
Spring Colors!
$ 16.00
When you think of Spring what colors come to mind? For us at Good Life Tea, we imagine pastels and the explosion of spring colors. That was the inspiration for our Spring Colors Set. In it, we have included a total of 4 ounces of tea that embody all of the traditional easter colors.  You will find an ounce of our Chamomile to exemplify all of the yellows that are coming in the blooming fields around us.  Next, we decided to include an ounce of our Bingo Blueberry as we knew blue must be represented; "April showers bring (hopefully) May flowers!".  You will then see an ounce of our Moroccan Mint for the warm green tones. This delightful green tea is very representative of the refreshing and overwhelmingly inspirational times of Easter and spring.  Lastly, we included an ounce of our Caramel Rooibos as the red notes from rooibos are perfectly complemented by caramel....
Look what the Easter bunny brought our way to share with you!