Japanese Cast Iron Tea Ware

We offer a large selection of Cast Iron Tea Ware for preparing loose leaf tea. Our tea ware is beautifully crafted in the traditional fashion practiced for many centuries in Japan.   Our tea pots have built in stainless steel infuser baskets.  The interior of the tea pots and teacups are fully enameled to protect the fine flavor of your loose leaf teas.  The enameling also keeps rust from developing. 

We offer 4 piece tea sets which included the tea pot 2 teacups and a trivet in a matching patterns.  We also sell just the cast iron tea pots and tea cups individually. 

While you're shopping for Japanese Cast Iron Tea Ware, you should consider adding our Green Teas to you order. We offer free shipping on all orders over $39.

Remember loose leaf tea always taste better when enjoyed beautiful authentic tea ware.