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2019 new teas





Decaf Cream of Earl Grey - Organic Loose Decaf Black Tea
$ 12.00
Completely Organic and decaf blend of smooth Vanilla and Bergamot in a black tea blend. CO2 decaf process.
Sleep Better - Loose Organic Herbal Tea
$ 10.00
Sleep Better - organic herbal loose leaf tea This is a powerful and totally organic caffeine free blend of Valerian Root, Lemon Myrtle, Verbena, Spearmint, Chamomile & Lavender. This loose herbal tea will surely deliver the sand man to your slumber.  Don't forget to set your alarm clock because you will sleep very soundly.
Going Coconuts - Decaf Organic
$ 12.00
Completely Organic and decaf blend of smooth Vanilla and Coconut in a black tea blend. CO2 decaf process.
Hello Hawaii - Loose Green Tea
$ 10.00
Tropical pineapples and papaya are infused into this organic green tea. The result is fragrant green tea reminiscent of a lush Hawaiian pineapple groove. If you've never been to Hawaii this is an affordable vacation. If you've been there, this will quickly transport you back. Sip and dream. Base leaf: Green tea. Health properties: general restorative and calm. Antioxidants for immune protection Flavor strength: Mild. Primary collection is fragrant pineapples and Papaya over green. Caffeine: Moderate.
Chocolate Truffle Oolong - Loose Organic Oolong Tea
$ 10.00
A mostly organic tea that is chocolate forward on bold roasty Oolong tea base.  Contains trace amounts of dairy and sugar. A complex blend of Oolong Tea, Rooibos, Apple, Cacao Beans, Cacao Powder, Chocolate Bits, Natural Chocolate and Vanilla Flavor and White Chocolate Bits. If you adventurous and looking for a new tea style this is Oolong tea.  If you are super adventurous this tea add a chocolate punch.  Try it you wild and crazy guy.  PS. Its cheaper than therapy and less expensive than wine. LOL
Ginger n Green - Loose Green Tea
$ 10.00
A great tea to enjoy after a meal.  This blend of ginger root and a sturdy Sencha style green tea makes a classic combo. Add a bit of honey and its a fantastic winter tea to ward off a cold.  The green tea has a touch of astringency, common in teas, but its tamed by the sharp and spicy ginger root. The ginger is not overpowering at all, but is a rather nice counter note to the green tea. After a meal the ginger provides a nice digestive aid while the green tea is good for cleansing the palate for fresh breath and neutralizing acid which can hurt your teeth.    Try it iced. Ginger n Green makes a great iced tea. With a little squeeze of lemon, your friends will be asking you for the recipe. Preparation is super easy with our Iced Tea Pitcher .  Keep some close by in the fridge...
Spice Bomb - Organic Decaf Loose Black Tea
$ 12.00
Completely Organic blend of Masala spices puts a little heat into this decaf black tea blend. CO2 decaf process.
Strawberry Sunshine - Decaf Loose Black Tea
$ 12.00
Rich strawberry flavor that shines through the decaf black tea.  CO2 decaf process.
Peaceful Journey - Organic Loose Oolong Tea
$ 11.00
An addition to our Oolong collection! Oolong teas are teas in which the leaves are both wilted & steamed. These teas are delicious & this one in particular is known for it's hibiscus highlights. It is very subtle, light, & nostalgic of gently walking through a garden in the spring! It gives us something to look forward to as temperatures begin to dip! Base leaf: Oolong organic tea, Hibiscus flowers. Health properties: Anti-carcinogenic properties, weight positive, bone positive. Flavor strength: Medium, floral. This blend's primary collection is slightly tangy with a nice balance of silky oolong. Caffeine: Medium.
Going Green - The Favorites!
$ 25.50
When you think of St. Patrick's Day, your mind is no doubt flooded with images of a particular color - green!  That is the inspiration for our "Going Green - The Favorites!" St. Patrick's Day Set. In this set we have included a total of 5 ounces of our top three green teas! We started with 2 ounces of our Kyoto Cherry Rose. This is our most popular green tea by far. It begins with a base Sencha-style organic green tea that is then, highlighted with rose petals and subtle cherry flavors. With a mild caffeine content, it is ready to be enjoyed all day long!  Next, we added 2 ounces of our Citron Green. This is another crowd pleaser. It, again, is s base organic green tea that features sweet, lemon-y, and refreshing notes. For those new to the green tea area of the tea world, this is perfect...