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10 Romantic Fall Activities for Lovers

Fall is upon us and the possibilities for spark up that romance are plentiful. Below are 10 ideas that you can do together to create memorable moments.  Have a nice cup of tea afterwards to recap and unwind. Snuggle up with tea and kindle that romance.


10.  Bring in the flower pots.  Remove the fading flowers and winter them out of the frost to prevent them from cracking.  After that hard work, a nice cuppa will do the trick.  Try the Scottish Caramel Puerh.  The rich taste will reaffirm your love for the soil.

9. Walk a rail trail.  Take in the foliage and enjoy the smells of fall. The dappled sunlight will set the mood for a relaxing but vigorous day.  Try the organic Cranberry Apple Tisane iced to help you cool down.
8. Rake the leaves.  Sure its got to be done, but make it fun.  Play in them, toss them around.  Be young and light hearted. Try our Organic Maple Black Tea to give you the courage to be young at heart.
7. Go see a football game.   Put a sweater on and climb the bleachers and cheer on the local HS team.  They still have heart and soul. Open your thermos of Hot Cinnamon Spice. Ahh the cinnamon... will warm your soul and get you noticed. 
6. Decorate for Holloween.  Its fun planning that perfect costume, even for the adult "kids". Get out the decorations and Autumn Sunset.  Tastes great and the little kids can drink it too.
5. Make a fire.  Nothing like a little campfire to bring family and friends together. Make some Heaven Sent Chai and pass it around.  Make sure to have the milk and sugar on hand.  This spicy tea will spark up the crowd and have them talking about tea.  For the non-chai drinkers, serve Cranberry Apple Tisane.
4. Carve a pumpkin.  If you want to keep it simple, break out the markers and just draw.  The pumpkin will last longer and its a lot easier too.  Make some chilled Hot Cinnamon Spice. The kids like it cold.  Add a little water if its too strong. Roast the seeds for a treat later.
3. Bake a pie - Apple or Pumpkin. Nothing says Fall better than a nice pie coupled with a nice hot cup of African Autumn- a nice cranberry citrus rooibos tea. Its kid friendly.
2. Go on a hay ride. Fall festivals have become plentiful. Many include corn mazes, bouncy houses, hay rides and pumpkin patches.  After that, you will need to rehydrate.  Try the organic Cranberry Apple fruit tea.  Light and refreshing and zero calories.
1. Pick some apples.  This is a classic fall activity.  Walk the orchard take in the crisp air while plucking plump apples. Bring home a bag of apples, put on the kettle and brew up either Scottish Caramel Puerh or Hot Cinnamon Spice . Goes great with with those cider donuts. Yum. 
(Hint- We sell insulated tumblers to take your tea along)
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