What we are drinking, what you are drinking, and more.

What we are drinking, what you are drinking, and more.

Good morning, tea friends! Over the last few weeks we have been making a conscious effort to ask you all what you have been drinking lately. We also have  been staying more informed with one another here at the shop as to what is in each other's cups currently. We have been so surprised at the responses! Thank you to everyone who took the time to let us know what you are sipping on! We so appreciate it and in this blog post we will be detailing some of the responses we received from you and talking about some unanticipated teas that, both Susan and I, have been choosing. I don't think you will see these choices coming. 

When we asked you all what you were choosing to steep, one of our first responses came from our friend Noreen (Thank you, Noreen!). She wanted to let us know that tisanes are her true love and that it doesn't matter the temperature outside, she drinks her tisane tea hot! This was such an interesting response as when we hear from our tisane lovers, we most often hear that they love them cold. Hearing that Noreen enjoyed hers hot, even in the summertime, was a breath of fresh air and an inspiration for me to take mine warm this morning! While Noreen has had a preference for our Piña Colada and Bingo Blueberry lately (both fantastic choices, I might add!), I, of course, chose to go with my favorite tisane, our Angel Falls Mist. I had forgotten how much I loved this tea, hot especially, and can't thank Noreen enough for the reminder!

Another response that we received, from our friend Sylvia (Thank you, Sylvia!), told us about how she has been loving our strong, black teas. This was another wonderfully unexpected response as we don't often hear this in the middle of summer. Strong black teas are more often seen to be selected as a winter choice as they are deep, warming, and rich in flavor. Also, just as Noreen, Sylvia detailed to us how she drinks her teas of choice, our Yunnan JigAssam, and Keemun Panda #1, hot, and with milk and sugar. Again, this is something that surprised me when I was reading the feedback email, as when I think of drinking my hot black teas with milk and sugar, I am more often reminded of fall or winter days. I shared this thought with Susan, to which she responded, "Black teas are meant to be enjoyed all year long, dear. They are sure to enrich even the hottest of summer days. That being said, I do recommend you steep and sip them in the comfort of an air conditioned space."  Oh, Susan, you never fail to make this girl laugh! 

One more unforeseen response from you came from the lovely Lydia (Thank you, Lydia!). Lydia responded to our questions on the contents of her cup to let us know that she most often filled up with either our Hot Cinnamon Spice or our Chai teas. You guys continue to throw me for a loop and I love it! During the hottest months of the year for us in the Finger Lakes, I did not anticipate receiving responses from you of brewing teas that included the word "hot" in the title! Let me be clear, as well, there is no judgement here! I am simply learning from you all to be more open minded and expand my tea choices more regularly. ¡Muchas gracias! 

While I have just let you know what some of your fellow tea sippers are drinking, I really haven't given you a full summary of what Susan and I have been partial to lately. I will tell you, that while I always say I really am not one for the green teas, due to the humid temperatures, our Citron Green has been what has been gracing the inside of my iced tea glass and keeping me cool these days. I love this tea as it really isn't "too green" and while there are certainly citrus flavors, they are almost more sweet, than the sour you would expect from a lemon. I like to add a wedge of lemon to mine, just for the aesthetic, as well as a bit of sugar to enhance the sweet notes. Likewise, Susan has been enjoying something that isn't normally present in her tea wheelhouse. She is normally quite sensitive to the presence of caffeine in her teas which limits her choices a bit. Lately though, with taking over ownership of Good Life Tea, traveling, and everything in between, Susan has been drinking our Wuyi Rock oolong tea over ice. Oolong teas are a cross between black and green teas in that their leaves are both wilted and steamed. This creates a delightful and unique flavor to which Susan has become quite accustomed. She always loves that, due to her sensitivity, it encompasses just a mild caffeine content. When I hear her talk about this blend, it encourages me to put it on my "try list"! 
We would really like to thank you all for your responses to us asking which teas are suiting you these days. We love conversing with our customers and hearing how you are liking our products. If you would like to be included in this blog post, or potentially a future one, feel free to comment below, or reach out to us at info@goodlifetea.com. I can't wait to continue to learn about you all. Have a wonderful remainder of your week and happy sipping! - Kaytea :)

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