Teas to ring in 2022!

Teas to ring in 2022!

Good morning, tea friends! We are so close to ringing in 2022! To celebrate, in this blog post, I'll be detailing a few teas for you that we here at the shop think would be perfect to cheers with at midnight! 

To begin, I know that it is a long standing American tradition to celebrate the New Year with champagne - known to be of the finest of wines. This year, instead of champagne the wine, why not try the champagne of teas? This champagne of teas is our Silver Needles white tea. Silver Needles is one our of the most coveted of teas as it is made from the first plucked buds of the tea plant. This process results in an absolutely lovely, light flavor and color of tea. It is pure and simple, and those who have had the pleasure of sipping on it describe this tea as "It's like velvet." or "You have discovered the long sought after prize tea, Silver Needles. It is treasured worldwide.". Because it is a long and tenuous process to harvest and create this tea, just like champagne, the yield is small, and therefore, even more revered. I can guarantee that you will impress any guests that you may have over celebrating the New Year with you when passing them a cup of this!
Perhaps you are saying to yourself, "New Years without wine, Kaytea? Who are you kidding?". Okay, okay, I see you! If you cannot imagine your New Years without a taste of the sweet nectars of the grape, you may be looking for something like our Ice Wine black tea! This is a tea that was constructed to include the flavors of ice wine itself. If you are unfamiliar, ice wine is traditionally served as a dessert wine due to its sweet flavor profile. It is made from grapes that have just frozen while still on the vine. The sugars dissolve and do not freeze, but the water around them does. When making the wine, this creates a much more concentrated and sweet flavor, but can only be done so in much smaller quantities. It is often, therefore, saved for special occasions such as anniversaries, celebrations, or New Years Eve! Our Ice Wine black tea includes all of these sweet, sweet flavors atop a bed of our Ceylon black tea. To learn more, check out the video below!
Another decadence that is often indulged in on New Years Eve proves chocolate. Should you be a consistent reader of this blog, you know that I am very much so a chocolate lover and connoisseur. That being said, with it being the holidays, I have indulged a bit much lately and have to lay off the sweets just a little. Luckily at Good Life Tea, we carry a few teas that make it possible to enjoy my true love of chocolate without the calories and sugars that come along with it! One tea I love for this is our Belgian Chocolate rooibos tea. This tea involves a bed of rooibos tea that is infused with cacao and calendula flowers. Belgium is known for its premium quality chocolates and this tea embodies these flavors perfectly. Another chocolatey tea that I have been sipping on, especially lately, proves our Chocolate Truffle oolong tea. This delightful little number begins with a base oolong tea (a cross between a black and green tea in that the leaves are both wilted and steamed) that is layered with rooibos, apple, cacao beans, cacao powder, both chocolate and white chocolate bits, and natural chocolate and vanilla flavors. One review we received for this tea stated, "The tea smells like you are standing in a fine chocolate shop - filled with creamy decadence. The oolong finish is positively sublime!". This is a perfect description of the experience of drinking this tea. 
Should you have any recommendations of your own that you like to enjoy when celebrating new beginnings, please leave a comment below! I love to hear from you all and so enjoy your feedback! We at Good Life Tea are so grateful for you all this year and cannot wait to start 2022 with you! - Kaytea :)
"For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne."

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