Compassion As A Tool To Spark Healing From Within.

Marth Blessing - Healing Through Self Compassion

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What if the healing prescription you need isn’t at the doctor, pharmacy, or holistic practitioner? What if the key to healing your symptoms is instead, a spiritual prescription?

As I stood in my kitchen waiting for the tea kettle to whistle, I pondered the label on my new bag of oolong tea.  My friend, "Rob the tea guy", had gifted me a bag of Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea.  Serendipitous for sure.  

I was first drawn to the Hindu goddess of compassion 22 years ago when I began my journey in meditation and healing chronic pain.

Since that time, several statues of the bodhisattva have made their way into my home. 

I have to admit, most often, when I pass by her, my attention shifts to embracing a more compassionate mindset.  And, even if only for a few moments, I believe that it changes how I show up in the world.  I tend to hold more reverence and compassion for the human condition for the rest of that day.

As I waited for the whistle to come steaming out of the kettle, I read the label on the bag of tea, and began to shift my attention to my heart.  But this time, instead of thinking about compassion for others, I was overcome by a feeling of deep-self compassion.

It was as if Kwan Yin herself was massaging my spirit with self-compassion. I heard a loving voice whisper to me “drink in the compassion.”  I embraced my cup with both hands, took in the earthy aroma, and with a deep breath, began to fill myself with compassion as I sipped my cup of tea.

“Fill yourself up.

Take in more.

How much self-compassion can you take in?

There is no limit. Take in as much as you need.”   

I stood in my kitchen breathing and drinking in compassion.

And then I began to channel a message from Gracon, the healing guides.  Sometimes the messages seem like they're just for me. And then they remind me that I am a messenger for the collective.

Their message on this morning was this…



“We like it when you have compassion for yourself.

There is nothing that you could have said or done that does not deserve a gentle dose of compassion towards yourself.

You cannot stay in judgement against yourself and expect to hold a healing vibration of health, vitality, love, or joy.

All healing starts with the ability to direct loving energy towards yourself.

The struggle and pain of anxiety, depression, or any dis-ease that you experience is the result of you being in conflict with your true nature and higher self.

When you allow even momentary thoughts and feelings of compassion and forgiveness into your mind and heart you will feel relief from these energetic imbalances.

Sit still for a few moments and bring your attention and awareness to your breath. Draw into your mind the idea of forgiveness. 

Think of Kwan Yin, or some other representation of feminine compassion, like Mother Mary, or a woman from your life that was loving, kind, and compassionate.

Draw in the image of compassion whatever that is for you… take a few deep breaths and draw that feeling of compassion into yourself as you breathe in deeply. 

Allow yourself to draw your attention into the center of your being, into your heart and chest. Affirm…I breathe in forgiveness. I breathe in love. I breathe in compassion.

And as you exhale affirm…

I release and let go of any self-judgement, criticism, or blame I’ve been directing toward myself.

Sit in this space and allow yourself to breathe and take in as much love, compassion, and forgiveness as you can for yourself. Feel it relaxing your body. And feel it healing deep within your cells.

How much compassion can you accept for yourself?

Allow it to fill you up. Allow yourself to expand into compassion.

Come back to this practice as often as you can. We suggest you make it a part of your daily spiritual and self-care routine.”

One of the guiding principles I teach my clients is: We become what we practice.

What if healing is just this simple. What if the process of loving and forgiving ourselves is the path to true healing? 

Research tells us that 75-90% of all illness is caused by stress. When you unpack stress, it is nothing more than fear and worry about past or future circumstances.  Yet, all healing happens in the present moment. 

When we take the time to breath in compassion we can let go of our stress response and allow our cells to be restored to their natural state of well-being.

I have made a decision to consciously add this practice of self-compassion to my morning meditation.  An act of true self-care, self-love, and self-healing.

Another way to implement this healing tool is to use it anytime you find you’re judging yourself or spiraling into negative, fearful thinking.

When you notice mental chatter taking over with repetitive self-talk, stop. Be still. Take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself if this thinking is beneficial to you. (Of course it isn't.) 

You get to choose in any given moment.

Observe that you are doing it and choose in that moment to stop. Then focus on drawing in self-love and compassion to your heart center, while you take a few more deep breaths. All it takes is a few minutes to short circuit the stress and negativity and invite healing into your heart, body, and cells.

True healing starts within.

With love,

Big ❤️ thanks to "Rob the Tea Guy" at Good Life Tea  for inspiring us to well-being with the gift of tea.

If you want to experience something different you have to DO something different.

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