Rainy Day Teas!

Rainy Day Teas!

Good morning, tea friends! Today, due to the incessant rain we have been receiving, that we anticipate continuing this weekend, and into next week, I figured a good topic for today's blog would be teas that are good to cozy up with on rainy days! 

When the weather makes up it's mind that the next few days are going to be wet, cold, and rainy, I often find myself making up my mind that it is time for a cup of tea. Furthermore, when I do see the drizzle down my window pane, a tea that never fails to find its way into my cup is our Cream of Earl Grey black tea. If you are a long time reader of this blog, you know that Earl Grey teas hold a special place in my heart, as I grew up drinking them and rainy days do nothing, if not strike a sentimental note within all of us. The pitter patter of droplets outside undoubtably evoke a desire to curl up in a cozy blanket, recall memories of simpler times, and sip on something that helps to bring us back to these times. For me, that is our Cream of Earl Grey. This tea is built upon our Earl Grey Supreme tea that embodies the traditional flavors of bergamot and citrus. Atop these flavors is blended in a vanilla swirl that is what categorizes this tea as a heightened version of traditional Earl Grey. Being one of our most popular teas, we highly recommend it and also offer it in a Decaf Cream of Earl Grey for the rainy evenings!
Another tea that we find to warm the soul on late summer, rainy days proves our C of Tranquility herbal tea. This tea was created with the intent to induce tranquility and peace in sippers, the same as being by the "sea", and which we think also aligns perfectly with drizzly these days. Our C of Tranquility tea is composed of chamomile, lemongrass, rosehips, hibiscus, and hint of blueberry. These ingredients are all packed with vitamin C, which on rainy days we all need, and is another factor into the namesake of this tea! If you are searching for restfulness, composure, and still on these rainy days, perhaps think about brewing yourself a cup of this calming tea. 
One last tea that we'll recommend here is our Summer Passion green tea. We chose this tea to feature as on these rainy days, it is inevitable to avoid finding yourself hoping and praying that the hot days of summer are not something too far gone. While autumn is such a wonderful season on the horizon (don't worry, we'll be blogging about teas for this time, too!), something about summer, the heat, and the memories made in the sunshine pull at the heart strings. Our Summer Passion tea embodies and exemplifies these feelings. It is composed of a base  fresh green tea, spiced with a dash of ginger, given a citrus tang by a little lemongrass, and mixed with a variety of fruits. It brews to a light pink, reminiscent of a pink lemonade stand on the side of your road as you pass by on the way to your next summer adventure. We highly recommend brewing yourself a mug of this beautiful tea, and taking a moment to scroll through your camera roll and smile at the memories you made this summer. Feel free to share a few with us as well!
If you already have a tea that you are drawn to on rainy days, let us know which and why! We love to hear your feedback! Also let us know if you have any other recommendations for these damp days. Stay warm and don't worry, summer isn't over yet! Happy sipping, friends! - Kaytea :)
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