How does your mother take her tea?

How does your mother take her tea?

Good morning, sippers! I am writing to you in hopes that you enjoyed a wonderful weekend with loved ones and are already tackling this work week. This week, as Mother's Day will be the conclusion, my mom has been continually on my mind. I am thinking of her, all that she has taught me, all that she has accomplished, and how I aspire to be more like her with each passing day. To celebrate and acknowledge my longing to be more like my mother, I have been drinking my tea just as she does; with a bit of milk (not too much, not too little), and some sugar (I probably take more than she does because I get my sweet tooth from my dad). This led me to the question I have for you all this morning, "How does your mother take her tea?". 

Prior to this, I wrote a blog series on different additives to tea and why we (or our mothers) add certain things to our teas. I will link each post below, respectively, for your interest! 
Perhaps, your mother has a sweet tooth like myself and likes to add a bit of sugar to her tea. If you are a regular patron to the Good Life Tea blog, you know I have quite the partiality to sugar. Rather, I have the inclination to all things sweet. Whether it be ice cream, candy, cookies, or anything of the like, I am probably going to want to try at least a taste of it. If your matriarch shares this love for all things sugared, you may consider ordering her one of our sweeter teas such as Chocolate Truffle or Chocolate Mint. Both of these teas contain actual chocolate bits and are certain to satisfy any aching sweet tooth. Another wonderful option and unexpected surprise for a mother who prefers sugar in her tea could be some of our amber sugar crystals. I add these to almost every cup of tea that I brew because I believe them to be the perfect addition! These teensy, unrefined bits of sweet, caramel-y goodness melt slowly in cups of hot tea so as to ensure that each sip is perfectly palatable. Again, if you are like me and simply just can't get enough of your tea somedays, and drink it a bit fast, the addition of our amber sugar crystals make the last sip delectable.
If the matron in your clan likes a splash of milk or cream in her tea, we have teas that suit this as well. I mentioned above that my mom prefers her tea this way, and one of her favorite Good Life Tea specialities proves our Earl Grey with Lavender black tea. Growing up, Earl Grey was a tea that my mom regularly prepared for us so drinking this earlier this week was very reminiscent of simpler times. The floral tones also only added to my excitement for springtime! This tea is one that we personally put together in the shop for you and started because it was requested by so many. The blend begins with a base of our Earl Grey Supreme, that is highlighted by our French Lavender. It is beautifully combined to feature both the bergamot from the Earl Grey with the floral notes that come from the lavender. The addition of a bit of milk or cream complements these flavors to soften them. It is a lovely tea to prepare for your mother before bed (we do have Decaf Earl Grey with Lavender, as well!), and the addition of milk or cream neutralizes the caffeine content that is present.      
Lastly, in this post, if your mother likes lemon in her tea, we have a couple teas that would suit her preferences as well. Lemon is a refreshing, citrus flavor that many use to clear the mind or prepare for the day. One of our premium loose leaf teas that we regularly hear is enhanced with the addition of lemon proves our Ginger n Green tea. This is a blend of Sencha-style green tea with ginger root that is loved for its help with tummy troubles as well as staving off a cold, which can be common with the changing of seasons. Adding lemon to this tea heightens and brings to the forefront the already present citrus notes. Another tea that we regularly are told is enjoyed with lemon is our Sleep Better. This is a blend of valerian root, lemon myrtle, verbena, spearmint, chamomile, and lavender. When you add a bit of lemon to this tea, similarly to the Ginger n Green, the lemon myrtle present in Sleep Better is simply strengthened. Sleep Better is known for its sleep inducing properties, so should your mom be needing to catch a couple extra zzz's because she's been working so hard, this is the tea to brew for her. 
If your mumsy prefers something not mentioned above in her tea, perchance, honey, or cinnamon please let us know and which tea she drinks it with. If you don't know how your mother takes her tea, here's a little nudge from us to give her a call and find out! As you take on the challenges of the week, think of your mother, how she takes her tea, and brew yourself a cup just like her, in honor of all that she has done and has yet to do for you. Happy sipping, friends! - Kaytea :)

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