Announcing Our Holiday Collections!

  • Post by  Katie Panara Oct 26, 2021

Good morning, tea friends and family! Today I come to you with some exciting news! I am here to announce the return of our very popular Holiday Collections! Now, if you are thinking to yourself, "Come on, it's not even Halloween yet!", don't worry, we get it. But, as we mentioned a week ago, we want to help you prepare for the upcoming and expected shipping delays. Don't be afraid to get a jumpstart on your holiday gift shopping!

Our Holiday Collections are special compilations that we have put together for you that take the thinking out of what to get the tea lover in your life this holiday season. We have curated these to include a variety different options. Whether you know a green tea lover, a black tea lover, or anywhere in between we have a special package that is sure to be just what they are hoping for this holiday season! All of our collections are officially available today through the holiday season, and I'll be featuring each of them more in depth in a blog post each week. Check out a sneak peek of each below!

Let's start with our "Holiday Favorites Collection". This little number incorporates our two most popular teas at a stellar price! If you are looking for something to gift someone that is hard to shop for, try this to ensure you get them something that they will love! 
Holiday Favorites Tea
Speaking of love, the holidays is often regarded as a romantic time of year. For your special someone, our "Romantic Interlude Collection" includes two of our most amorous teas that are sure to warm not only their cups, but their hearts too! 
Romantic Interlude Collection Tea
Next up, let's talk about our "Start It Up! Collection". For, as we have come to call them, tea newbies, our "Start It Up! Collection" gives them everything they need to embark on their tea journey. We included two of our most popular teas, alongside a 20-pack of our environmentally friendly, biodegradable tea bags so that the tea novice in your life can start sipping today!
Start It Up Tea Collection
If you know someone who had to forgo a planned vacation this year due to travel bans, why not try to help that sting with gifting them one of our "Staycation Collections"?! In this compilation we help your sipper to take mental trips to Paris and Florence using each of these of our teas. Your favorite world traveler will receive 2 ounces of each of these teas and be able to envision themselves sashaying the streets of Florence or casually relaxing with a baguette below the Eiffel Tower! 
Staycation Tea Collection
The holiday season is inevitably always quite busy and within the hustle and bustle, we often lose our sense of inner peace and calmness. Help a loved one regain this serenity in gifting them one of our "Zen Sampler Collections". We chose each of the teas included in this package as they invoke a sense of contentment and tranquility.
Zen Sampler Tea Collection 
Last, but certainly not least, we know that in the holiday season we are all bombarded with cookies, treats, and goodies galore. To help you and your near and dear stave off these temptations we curated our "Dessert Without Guilt Collection"! This selection lets you enjoy the sweetness of the holidays without all of those pesky calories in trail! 
Dessert Without Guilt Tea Collection
We are so excited to be sharing these collections with you all again this year! Don't hesitate to click on each to learn a bit more and don't forget that each week I'll be detailing one in particular! I can't wait to enjoy this holiday season with you all and to continue writing to you! Happy sipping! - Kaytea :) 
P.S. If you are thinking of gifting one of these to someone special in your life, don't forget to check out our beautiful tea ware as a complement! After all, everyone needs a way to brew tea!