32 Signs That You Might be a Tea Addict

32 Signs That You Might be a Tea Addict

Some people like tea.  Some people care about tea.  Some people are passionate about tea.  But here are 32 signs that you’ve gone past all of these stages and become a tea addict.

  1. Tea is your social glue.

If you haven’t seen someone in a while, you invite them over for tea.  You, of course, know their favorite kind of tea, and have it in your stash.

  1. You have a favorite mug.

No one else can drink out of it.  It’s yours.

  1. You judge “microwave tea”.

Because you can taste the microwave.

  1. You have a collection of oversized mugs.

For the holding of more tea.

giant tea cup if it fits i sits

  1. You have a favorite kind of tea.

Well, maybe you have a favorite kind of tea for every hour of the day or night.

  1. You treat basically everything with tea.

Sad?  Try some tea.

Sick? You clearly need tea.

Tired?  There’s a tea for that.

  1. Important conversations can only happen over a cup of tea.

You may want to sit down before you hear this.  With a cup of tea, of course.

  1. Certain foods cannot be eaten tealessly.                                                  tea and biscuits


       9. You carry your own loose leaf tea with “make it yourself teabags” in your bag or purse.

Just in case you need it while you’re out.  Bagged tea just isn’t an option.

     10. Your bedroom looks like a gift shop.

Every available surface is cluttered with forgotten tea cups.  The difference is that these ones tend to be less clean.        

    11. People say you drink too much caffeine.

    And you patiently explain that tea generally has less than a third of the caffeine of coffee and mutter something about L-Theanine.

    >>>>  If you need some Decaf Tea <<<< 

         12. But then you switch from black or oolong to green, white, decaf or an herbal

      Because they’re actually probably right.

           13. You judge people by the tea they drink and vigorously argue that you’re not a tea snob. (click here to read about tea snobbery.)

        And if they don’t drink tea at all, well, you just don’t know how to feel about them.

             14. You know what bergamot is, and you know which of your teas it’s in.

          bergamot flower tea


               15. Your tea habits and tastes have evolved.

            When you were young, you could settle for bagged black with cream and sugar.  You began to drink your tea black in your angsty teenaged phase, but then learned the joys of loose-leaf herbals when you left home to go “find yourself” or something.

                 16. You make tea by the pot, not the cup.

              Because tea is for sharing.  Or for drinking an entire pot alone.  That’s okay, too.

              >>>>  Do you need another tea pot <<<<

                   17. People worry when you say no to tea.

                You must be sick.  Or you might have been replaced by an alien clone.  Regardless, it’s worrying.


                     18. You pee a lot.

                  Like, twice an hour. 

                  via GIPHY


                       19. You have that one friend who also cares too much about tea.

                    And you will be friends forever.

                         20. You have an opinion about Rooibos.  

                      Is it a tea?  Is it an herb?  Does it matter?

                           21. Every holiday and gift giving occasion, everyone gives you tea.

                        Or tea cups.  Or tea pots.  Or cozies.  

                             22. You plan trips to tea growing countries to see tea gardens, but nobody else wants to come with you.

                          >>>> Browse Some Beautiful Green Teas  <<<<

                                23. You judge tea bags.

                            They don’t let the leaf unfold and interact with the water the way it’s supposed to.  Doesn’t everyone know that?

                                 24. You constantly try to convert your coffee-drinking friends to quit the dark side.

                              You drink coffee too, but no one has to know that.

                                   25. You got into this matcha craze, and now everyone thinks you’re a hipster.

                                But actually it’s just seriously delicious. Check out our Matcha



                                     26. You have an entire drawer full of tea, organized by caffeine content. 


                                     27. You have a private stash of tea in your office desk, and it’s locked.


                                       28. You only share your stash with fellow tea addicts, because they’re in your addiction support group. 

                                  tea stash
                                       29. You spend a lot of time on internet forums like Reddit/r/Tea.


                                         30. You keep a journal of teas you have tasted.


                                           31. You have a favorite tea shop in every city you visit.
                                      It’s Good Life Tea in western NY

                                            32. You dream of opening your own tea shop.

                                          To share the joys of tea with the world.

                                          Here at Good Life Tea, we understand what you’re going through.  Comment below with more symptoms that “a friend” has been experiencing.  Or, embrace your addiction at goodlifetea.com

                                          Here are 6 Key Takeaways from this blog post:

                                          1. **Tea as a Social Connector**: Tea serves as a social glue, a way to reconnect with friends and family. Knowing and having someone's favorite tea on hand is a common practice.

                                          2. **Personalized Tea Preferences**: Tea addicts have specific preferences for mugs and teas. They often have a favorite mug that no one else can use and a favorite tea or teas tailored to different times of the day.

                                          3. **Judgment on Tea Preparation**: Serious tea enthusiasts judge the practice of making tea in the microwave and prefer oversized mugs for more tea. They carry their own loose leaf tea and make-it-yourself teabags to avoid inferior bagged tea when out.

                                          4. **Health and Lifestyle Integration**: Tea is a go-to remedy for various emotions and situations—whether feeling sad, sick, or tired, there’s always a tea for that. They also switch to different types of tea (green, white, herbal, decaf) to manage caffeine intake and health concerns.

                                          5. **Collection and Organization**: Tea addicts often have extensive collections of tea, teapots, and tea accessories. They may have a cluttered bedroom with many tea cups and a drawer full of tea organized by caffeine content, as well as a locked stash in their office.

                                          6. **Cultural and Social Engagement**: They judge others based on their tea choices, dream of visiting tea-growing countries, and have favorite tea shops in various cities. They might even dream of opening their own tea shop and actively participate in online tea communities.

                                          Feed your addiction with these!


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