Yunnan Jig Loose Black Tea


There's a reason that tea is such a narrative drink at heart. From source to saucer, each tea brings a wealth of history that one can imagine is packed into each sip. Sometimes the source and flavour match: as with the vegetal, gardenial tones of bush-grown Rooibos. Other times it may surprise: as Yunnan's Jigs dance of spiced, soft, melty tones found in the subdued, misted Yunnan.

Yunnan Jig – which you can spot by the golden-tipped leaves – is a true black tea beloved for many things, from the surprise of its simple presentation and complex flavor, to the playful notes in the diverse flavour collection: such as cocoa and black pepper.

Dark teas are often defined by the high points in their flavors, as its a naturally unassuming base. Unlike oolong or rooibos, this Yunan Jig's distinction comes above the clarity of the black tea baseline. Yet nothing quite takes to tea the way that flavors do to black. A whimsical, memorable alternative to a more standard black, Yunnan Jig is both a curiosity and deserving of proper consideration. As a table tea it excels. With food it is distinct and not overwhelming. Rich, sweet, and readily appealing: Yunnan Jig loose leaf black is sure to delight.

Base leaf: Black tea.

Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties, natural calming.

Flavor strength: Moderate. Primary collection is peppered chocolate over creamy black.

Caffeine: Moderate.

Customer Reviews

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Happy Camper

I wasn't looking for a black tea, but the video review convinced me to give it a try and I'm not sorry that I did. This tea is everything they said it would be. It has a wonderful flavor and no after taste. I WILL be buying this again.

We're so happy you are a Happy Camper. Yunnan Jig is predominately an undiscovered favorite. Keep on sipping!