18 Ounce Stump Ceramic Teapot with Infuser

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Freshly Brewed Tea in Five Minutes or Less

Simply put your loose tea into the tea infuser basket and add hot water into the teapot.  The tea infuser strains the tea as you steep your loose tea leaves.  The removable stainless-steel tea infuser is deep and roomy enough for large leaf teas like Oolong with holes fine enough to keep the finest leaves like Rooibos in. The infuser has a plastic handle for easy removal even when the teapot is hot. The infuser is made from high quality stainless steel.  Because it is not mesh the infuser will not develop holes or become misshapen. The micro holes are created using laser technology. This infuser makes a tasty clear brew.

Stainless Steel Hinged Lid Keeps You Safe

The stainless steel lid is permanently attached to the pot. It will not fall off when serving your hot tea. Some pots have removable lids which can fall off when your tipping the teapot to pour tea. Yikes!

Another safety feature is that the lid will remain in the upright position so that your hands are out of the way when pouring the hot water into the teapot. Some lids have a tendency to close just as you're pouring the water in. Ouch!

The teapot with infuser basket provides a safer tea making experience.

11 Modern Designer Colors

This teapot with infuser comes in a variety of vivid colors including the hard to find Lime Green, our most popular. The glazing gives the teapots a very deep and intense color only found on the best ceramics.  It is a high fired ceramic and is lead free.

This item is our best selling ceramic teapot because it comes in many designer colors which fits perfectly in traditional and modern kitchens. The contemporary design fits today's lifestyle and works with all teas. The elegant wide handle makes it easy to use with one hand.  

The Perfect Space Saver

The teapot is designed to stack which saves space in your kitchen cupboards. You can stack similar stump teapots or other dishes. Great for apartment living where space is precious.  Ideal for commercial use such as bed and breakfasts, tea shops and quick serve restaurants.

Brewing Tips

Loose tea needs to be brewed at the correct temperature.  Follow the instructions provided with your tea for best results. Longer brewing may cause some teas to become bitter.

Before you infuse your teas. Preheat the teapot with boiling water for 2 minutes.  Simply boil water and pour into the teapot. Let it stand for 2 minutes, also pour some hot water into your teacups and warm them as well.  Pour out water and then prepare your tea.  By doing this way,  your tea will steep at the correct temperature and the brewed tea will stay hot longer.

Available in assorted designer colors to match your decor - white, black, gray, purple, blue, turquoise, green, lime, yellow, orange and red.

Drip less (drip free) spout 

Stump Teapot with Infuser by ForLife

Made in China.

Stainless Steel Infuser basket (strainer) with folding plastic heat resistant handle.

This Stump teapot with infuser basket makes the perfect girf for any tea lover!

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Very practical teapot

This has instantly become my favorite everyday teapot. The hinged metal lid is very functional. The stubby spout and robust build quality is highly practical. It is not the best teapot if you intend to linger over your tea session since the metal lid dissipates heat quickly. The stainless steel tea diffuser is large enough to allow the tea to expand fully and release their flavors. The diffuser's micro sized holes keep the tea free from sediment but it is a bit fussy to thoroughly clean the diffuser. A really superior everyday teapot.

Thank you for your comments! The Stump teapot has been a long time favorite with our customers. It's fun to have several in order to offer several kinds of tea to guests and they stack in your cupboard.
Great tea pot!

I love the stump tea pot. It holds enough tea for two regular cups if a friend visits, or one of the huge mugs I usually use. The strainer is fine enough that almost nothing gets through. And I like having an attached lid. This is my second stump pot, I liked the first one so much I wanted another one for when I have guests.

It sounds like you are a frequent and thoughtful tea-drinker. Often two Stumps are purchased in case someone wants caffeinated tea, while another person wants decaf. Being ready with two pots means nobody waits. Perfect!
Cute Little Teapot

They were using this teapot at my favorite breakfast spot. I loved it so much I did a search for it and bought it! Wonderful for loose tea for one person and love the Ivy (green) color.

So happy to hear of your satisfaction with the snazzy Stump teapot. Many customers have purchased several for tea gatherings when they serve many different kinds of tea.
Bought this everyday ceramic teapot with matching cups

Pot with tea infuser makes an outstanding pot of tea. Matching cups with pot made for an outstanding gift.

So happy that you are pleased. The teapot is a great size!
Perfect tea pot

Like this purchase, tea pot is so well done. Like infuser is from stainless steel, worth the money for sure

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, the teapot seems to be the perfect size and the infuser works very well and will last a lifetime.