Strawberry Kiwi - Loose Fruit Tea


A fruit tea combining kiwi, the fruit from the land down under and ripe springtime strawberries.

Nostalgia is a tricky thing to bottle. It's also the dominant item in mind of this tea's developers. With New York summer in mind: this blend was carefully crafted to evoke the rich, fruity sensation of strolling the along Long Island shoreline. See if you can ignore the comfort resting deep in this tea. Versatility is key here: and in the summertime, there is little that can compete with the tones in a strawberry-kiwi tea. To say that it's refreshing is to do little justice to the flavor collection of this fruity tea. With familiarity on its side; Strawberry Kiwi's overall profile lends itself well to a hot or cold serving. Sucrose pushes forward, insisting lightly that the strawberry not be ignored even as the tarter notes of kiwi make themselves apparent. This blend of fruity and tangy has never been more crucial to a tisanal mix.  Full-bodied and true, this strawberry-kiwi mix lives up to its name: providing ample fruit flavorings from both sources.

Strawberries tend to be the more finicky partner: coming into season in the spring. With dewier campaigns to attend to, they flourish in mild wet weather. That kiwi is ever brought into their social fold is something of a modest miracle. But the miracle is in the blend: and this tea speaks its name proudly.

Base leaf: Herbal/fruit tea
Health properties: Reported restorative properties..
Flavor strength: Medium, evocative. Primary collection is fruity.
Caffeine: None.

Customer Reviews

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Strawberry Kiwi - Loose Fruit Tea

Five stars~~~Awesome!
Strawberry Kiwi

O was looking for some new flavour. the picture showed me this one. I purchased as a trial . We like it as a cold drink. This tea will be perfect for the summer time! Thank you.

We love Strawberry Kiwi cold steeped in the Mist Iced Tea pitcher. It's great in the summer but also good in colder seasons as a replacement for juice.
Strawberry Kiwi

My daughter picked it for a tea set that her aunt gave her for Christmas. And she loves it. I'm not going to lie I steal a few sips when she walks away oh and it came super quick!!!

Thanks for sharing Ava. Your daughter picked a favorite and it sounds like you are happy with it too!

Very tasty for a nighttime (or daytime) treat! Very glad I gave this a try!

And it is good both cold or hot!
Refreshing And Delicious! !!

The strawberry kiwi tea is amazing. It's so refreshing and makes a great mixer with vodka if you trying to keep the calories down. This is my favorite fruit tea !!

We're always glad to hear of customers who find unexpected ways to enjoy our teas. We'll have to do a Strawberry/Kiwi and vodka taste test this weekend! (Something tells us it's going to be GOOD!)