Round Ceramic Teapot with Loose Tea Infuser



Beauty and function meet for tea.

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A teapot that is as functional as it is beautiful. Lets face it. Some teapots are just plain ugly or just silly. But not this one. The elegant shape echoes the classic aesthetics of Chinese tea pots yet with a thoroughly modern design. The handle gracefully compliments the curvaceous shape and is comfortable and secure when pouring.

This beauty holds 24 ounces of tea and has a very large deep rigid stainless steel infuser that sits deep in the teapot.  The over sized infuser allows maximum contact with hot water without crowding your precious tea leaves together and yields a great pot of tea every time.

How its done.

This teapot has 3 parts - lid, infuser and pot. Gently remove the lid by turning it on its side, This exposes the inside of the infuser and notice the generous interior space for the loose tea leaves to expand. Also note the thousands of tiny holes which trap your tea leaves inside to make a clear cup of tea. Unlike mesh basket infusers, this rigid infuser will not bend and leak tea leaves. The micro holes are created using laser technology. Unlike less expensive infusers, this one will not rust because of its high quality food grade stainless steel construction.

Now, following your tea's instructions, measure out your loose tea into the tea infuser basket (make sure its in the teapot) and then add hot water up to one inch of the top of the tea pot. Do not overfill, because it will spill out the spout. OUCH.  Replace the lid and steep for the appropriate time. Remember longer steeping will not make stronger tea.

After steeping, gently remove the lid. It helps to hold down the infuser handle because the silicone ring makes a snug fit.  Now carefully lift the infuser basket and set it on a drip-catch dish. (we sell special matching dishes for this purpose). Replace the lid and you are ready to serve. When you put the lid back on, you will notice that the fit is nice and tight because of the silicone ring. By creating a tight seal, less heat from escapes keeping your tea warmer than tea pots with loose fitting lids.

Great Designer Colors

This teapot comes in a variety of vivid colors reminiscent of vintage fiesta ware created in 1936 and still going strong today. The glazing gives the teapots a very deep and intense color only found in the highest quality ceramics. The great colors are sure to compliment your existing mugs and cups. If your looking for perfectly matching teacups, Click here.

Brewing Tips

Before you infuse your loose leaf tea. Preheat the teapot with boiling water for 2 minutes.  Simply boil water and pour into the teapot. Let it stand for 2 minutes, also pour some hot water into your teacups and warm them as well.  Pour out water and then prepare your tea.  By doing this way,  your tea will steep at the correct temperature and the brewed tea will stay hot longer.

Loose tea needs to be brewed at the correct temperature.  Follow the instructions provided with your tea for best results. Longer brewing may cause some teas to become bitter. If unsure, its best to use cooler water and shorter steeping times.  If the tea needs to be stronger, re-infuse.  Happy Sipping

  • Made in China.
  • All parts are dishwsher safe
  • Stainless Steel Infuser (strainer)
  • Lead Free Glaze
  • BPA Free

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Gift! Lovely Tea Pot!

I ordered this along with some wonderful teas, for some dear friends to cheer them up during quarantine. They were beyond thrilled to receive it! The quality was wonderful and the teas were great as always. The personal note was so appreciated, the handwritten note that accompanied their order was so sweet! Your products really are a treat! Thanks again for the great teas! :)

Your review was an outstanding bright spot in what could be considered a very average day. We certainly appreciate hearing that our customers are enjoying a new teapot and tea. We hope the pot is enjoyed for years to come!

very nice

Nicely made teapot. Great design, close to no drip. I love the large sized, snug too, infuser, color, all of it!

So helpful with my order! Very much appreciated.

So helpful with my order! Very much appreciated. My son is out to sea and he wanted something special for his wife it’s hard to communicate when you’re out to sea and one of the things that he had wanted was a teal teapot. Yes his wife drinks tea however this teapot had a much bigger job I had never watch the show the office and I did not understand why the color was so important but just that I needed to get it right. However when I looked at my email for a confirmation on the order it showed a royal blue teapot I’m like oh no no no It must be teal. So I quickly send an email to your company telling them the problem and ask how best should I do this my time was short so I needed that teapot right away if I waited for that teapot to come and then send it back it would take too much time and her birthday would be gone. They advised me just go ahead and buy the other teapot and send this one back when it came. I love Tea as well so I added a few things for me to order one being the Sugar Rocks. When I got the tea pot is turned out it was indeed the correct color it was just the email that showed the wrong color strangely enough when the box came It showed a picture of a white teapot. But I’m happy to say when I open the box it was teal. However you guys were sweetest we can be you had sent me extra sugar and let the sweet little note saying for being sweet about the order is certainly made me Smile you’re also gave me some samples of tea that I indeed enjoy. I had to put some charms in the teapot a request of my son each charm had a very special meaning to him and his wife so not only did we get a wonderful tea pot we got wonderful service as well and when his Wife opened her present she was elated and explain to me why the teapot had to be teal. So I did indeed end up with two teal colored tea pots and I did indeed send back the extra one and you guys were very quick to do the refund I definitely will always choose to do business with you. Sometimes somethings seem so small and unimportant however this teal teapot was very important to my son and his wife and Me as well. So thanks a million for your help. Your company certainly went above and beyond. Last but definitely not least the tea pot works wonderfully and I will enjoy it for a long time.

So often we fulfill orders and have no idea of the response to the items we send. Your letter certainly enlightened us to the importance of each item you ordered, and particularly the teapot. We're so glad all the carefully laid plans produced the intended results. Thank you for your business and followup. We look forward to hearing from you again. Sip on!