Rooibos Chai - Organic Loose Rooibos Tea


A caffeine free tea with a generous blend of warm soulful Masala spices.

From India we welcome chai in all of her  cardamom-flecked glory, wrenching heat-grown spices to a dry twist. And as a base?  The ineffable rusty rooibos. Herbal, ruddy, it color ready to spread throughout a cup of hot water. The two together form a rustic, plainlands kind of tea. This blend is spiced and earthy, a full collection for grown-ups, though in its naturally herbal state, it can be enjoyed by anybody. Indeed,  its airy fullness will be sure to draw rooibos lovers and chai lovers alike, let alone anyone with an adventurous love for tisanals of every kind. Cinnamon, coriander, and nutmeg all also play into this typically hearty chai. With a rooibos base rather than black leaves; it's free to balance its strength with clarity and color. And just look at it: flush with its signature leafy red and aromatic from afar. If ever spiceland and flatland were to meet, mix, and arrive in high form; it would play out as a Rooibos Chai. Explore the red, gardenial blend and see what happens when chai is transported to a distant continent and is greeted wholesomely by the new land. The result is sweet, earthy, and wears its flavor collection on its sleeve. You won't be able to have just one cup.

Base leaf: Rooibos
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties known.
Flavor strength: Full, earthy. Primary collection is spiced, gardenial, with sweet and nutty notes.
Caffeine: None.

Rooibos Chai is a caffeine free tea


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Thanks for your comments and stars Patricia. We appreciate the comparison to Tevana.
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It appears that you did not like this tea. Sorry about that. What was wrong with it? Was it just not your flavor? Look in your email. We sent you a refund for this item,. Thanks