Pu-Erh - Organic Loose Black Tea


With its deep earthy tones, Puerh offers a deep full bodied flavor akin to coffee.

Like the aging of wine or spirits or the modes of distinguishing some cheeses; a tea's interaction with the elements - and the seeming wear they have on it – is part of its character and flavour. Pu-erh teas, from China's Yunnan Province, are the only fully-fermented family of tisanal blends. As yeast occurs among the dried leaves, they are carefull prepared and stored to allow fermentation to set in at an accelerated pace. The result? An earthy, singular brew. The sort that becomes an instant, intense favourite for some. This is a tea that no drinker will forget.

Yunnan's expansive, storied relationship with tea speaks volumes. Origin of the very first cultivated tea trees; it is also the fitting home for this “final” blend, an elemental, dark, rich, heady tea that insists on its flavor, reducing even the most seasoned tea drinker to the memory of their first taste: The astringency, the clarity, the weight of the flavour.

Long valued for its suppression of the body's fat-producing processes; Pu-erh is rightly considered a healthy, weight-positive tea. Loved by adventurous drinkers and purists alike, this dark tea fulfills traditional flavouring even as it passes into its own unique region of taste. Sometimes wrongly thought of as a subgroup of black tea, Pu-erh more than ably holds its own as a separate class. One that you'll want to try more than once, we promise!

Base leaf: Pu-erh tea.

Health properties: Weight-positive, antioxident and antimicrobial properties.

Flavor strength: Full, Primary collection is strident earthy dark.

Caffeine: Moderate.

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Pu-erh has quite a following here at Good Life Tea. You may also want to try Scottish Caramel Pu-erh as well but be warned, you will like one or the other, but probably not both.
Trying lots of black teas
Thanks for your review Kristin. You made our day!
Great tea
Thank you Byron. We're pleased to be of service and look forward to providing more tea to you in the future. (Maybe try Scottish Caramel Pu-erh with your next order?)