Pina Colada - Loose Fruit Tea


If you close your eyes and wiggle your toes, you will find yourself somewhere else.

If it's not summertime where you are, it is someplace else. Children dream of digging to the other side of the world and walking upside down in Australia, but for adults, the wonder of the eternal summer dream is more easily accessed, and can be no further away than a delicious cup of herb and fruit tea. Awash with tart, sweet, melty summer character, our Pina Colada fruit tea is an exceptional offering, hot or cold, and one that – caffeine free – you can enjoy all afternoon long.

A fruit tea is a unique category of tisanal. Dried fruit, floral and herbal teas release their flavor collection differently, and often in a manner distinct to their specific batch. Many drinkers will note the quick release of the early, sharpest flavors, and indeed the coconut and pineapple at the heart of this delicious cup are readily present. Just the opening of the bag is enough to throw the mind and olfactory senses into a state of delight. And when a steaming sip is tasted there's no mistaking the richness of the Pina Colada flavor. Yet fruit teas are not simple, and never one note, often allowing for a great variety of tastes and sensations to share the spotlight in a way that leaf teas don't. Here, it's the managerial notes that surprise and linger; an undercurrent of rosehips, apple, and hibiscus.

Our Pina Colada manages the enviable feat of being an utterly flavorful cup while still remaining crisp, lean, and refreshing. And for an outdoor afternoon with company, or a change of pace anytime or place, try it iced. Apple and pineapple are the stars here, soaring atop a mellow bed of coconut and rosehips. Cooling hibiscus is a longtime beloved beverage in the Mediterranean and near-eastern world. There's luxury, and then there's sophistication, and then there's our Pina Colada loose leaf fruit tea.

Best enjoyed chilled listening to Jimmy Buffet with your eyes closed imagining hot white sand between your toes.

Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit.
Health properties: Rich antioxidants, herbal.
Flavor strength: Full, island fruit with rosehip long-notes.
Caffeine: none



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Found my favorite fruit tea

Thanks, Tori, for the feedback on Pina Colada. It certainly is a favorite and great either hot or cold. Have you sampled Last Mango in Paris? It's also sweet and ever so flavorful!

Pina Colada Tea

Tisanes (fruit teas) are the rage for summer! You found a great one in Pina Colada but don't miss the others including Last Mango in Paris, Angel Falls Mist, Blue Eyes, well there are so many to try. Enjoy!!!

Love This Tea and Company

Pina Colada certainly is a crowd favorite but don't stop there! We carry lots of great fruit teas. May I suggest Last Mango in Paris, Bright Orange or Blue Eyes, but then again, there are SO many more!