Peaceful Journey - Organic Loose Oolong Tea


An addition to our Oolong collection! Oolong teas are teas in which the leaves are both wilted & steamed. These teas are delicious & this one in particular is known for it's hibiscus highlights. It is very subtle, light, & nostalgic of gently walking through a garden in the spring! It gives us something to look forward to as temperatures begin to dip!

Base leaf: Oolong organic tea, Hibiscus flowers.

Health properties: Anti-carcinogenic properties, weight positive, bone positive.

Flavor strength: Medium, floral. This blend's primary collection is slightly tangy with a nice balance of silky oolong.

Caffeine: Medium.

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Peaceful Journey tea

Love this tea, love this company and the written notes on my order form!! Very satisfied!!!!

Thanks for your kind comments Patricia! Although we 'know' many of our customers only online, we feel as if we have gotten to know them well, particularly their tastes in tea. It is a pleasure to send them our teas and we are thrilled when we hear back from them.

Love this tea

I'm so happy I found his company!!!!I thought I was going to have to return to those coffee people!!!!!! Tried store bought and could only drink a few sips and get sick. But your tea, WOW, I can drink two cups and want more!!! You ROCK!!! Thank you stay strong as you know the coffee people are coming after your company. They don't like competition. I LOVVVVVVVVVVVE YOU!

Well, Al, we will give you 5 stars for your enthusiasm!. We can't ask for a better review. Thanks for making our day!

Good good golly I dig good life tea

Awesome fast shipping and quality tea that’s hard to beat! Thank you!

Great great golly thanks for your review!