Paris - Loose Leaf Black Tea


Paris A black loose leaf tea that is as lovely as Paris the city of love.

A blend as warm and suggestive as its namesake, Paris tempers a multi-layered black base with middling, distinct bakery-like sweetness invested in vanilla and caramel notes.  

Melting Pot, a tantalizing term that most cities strive to have associated with them. Long has luxury been closely tied to variety. Thus it should come as little surprise that this rich, limber, sweet-tinged tea is based on a complex three-leaf base. From this, a traditional black flavour collection develops, reminding of nothing so much as a cup of Earl Grey before the sweetness sets in.

Rove from morning task to morning task with this French tea-shop blend, sure to put an energetic spring in your step. Allow a bit of decadence into your busy schedule as this tea is sturdy enough to be an office-hours staple yet slyly sweet. Is it the vanilla that's solely responsible?  Couldn't be, as bergamot rolls around the edges of each hot gulp.

Paris strives to do what many teas hope to: find simplicity and nostalgia in a mix that doesn't overwhelm. Paris, as a place, is as much about showing as it is about telling, but subtlety is valued even in the most expressive districts. This this tea knows that melty vanilla and a hint of citric Bergamot are the treat at the end of each visit to Paris, whose true beauty is in the clarity and complexion of its three-tea base.

The perfect gift or a lovely addition to any tea-lover's treasure trove: let Paris bring that je ne sais quoi back into your life.

Base leaf: Blended black teas.

Health properties: Anti-toxic properties.

Flavor strength: Full, Primary collection is grey-black, sweet notes over vanilla in the trail.

Caffeine: Mild

Customer Reviews

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Always a delight

Paris Blend is very smooth and a real treat. I love the subtle flavors. It never disappoints.

I join you in your enthusiasm for Paris. It, along with its cousin, 'Florence' are my 'go-to' teas on Sunday morning as I read the paper and relax. Thanks for your review!

Takes me back to Ile de la Cité

I enjoy a cup of the wonderful tea every afternoon. It transports me back to the streets of Paris, the smell of fresh baguettes, the melody of many languages on the cafes, the whirl of traffic and the magic that is the most incredible city in the world! I enjoy the rich vanilla notes with a subtle citrus undertone of this elegant black tea. It’s my absolute favorite!! 👩‍🎨

Paris is one of my favorites too. It's complex without being too flavored.
We are so glad you discovered it too. Everyone needs a trip to Paris now and again-virtual or otherwise!

5 Stars

Fabulous and rich flavor!

Thank you for your review!