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Wuyi Rock - Organic Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

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Sometimes cornered as the less-known cousin of black and green teas, oolong's popularity in the west has risen in recent years even as it remains a beloved staple in regions of China, Japan, and elsewhere. Rich with both health properties (weight management being the best known) and flavor potential; oolong is a unique leaf that is partially oxidized, avoiding easy categorization and tantalizing with its unique offerings.

This unique and rare tisanal, our Wuji Rock Oolong, hails from Wuji Mountains in Fujian province in China. These cliff and rocky slopes with their high mineral content gives the tea leave a "Rock Essence". Combined with the special processes a number of flavors ranging from honey sweetness to floral hints of orchid and stone fruits with a woody earthiness are baked in. With each infusion, this tea reveals new shades of its tone, texture and flavor. Multiple steeps are a must.

The first step in achieving this tea's flavor collection is the careful bruising of the more mature, larger leaves by shaking and rattling the leaves to release the polyphenols and encourage the oxidation process. Just as some teas are prepared after letting leaves be exposed to the air and some are prepared through a rushed baking processed; Wuji Rock utilizes a small amount of both methods.  The final step is the multiple oven-firings which creates a “roasted” style Oolong.

The result? A tea that's as tantalizing cold as it is hot. A refreshing delivery system for its many pro-health properties, Wuyi Rock is favored by those looking to cleanse and improve their immune system, as well as by anyone with fitness in mind.

Often enjoyed with food, this medium-balanced tea is a must-try for the curious Oolong fan, and represents an elegant expedition for those looking to expand their relationship with tea. Wuyi Rock Oolong represents a mildly floral brew whose baked-in flavors never overwhelm, but can still surprise with each infusion.

  • Base leaf: Organic Oolong.
  • Health properties: Weight-positive, known stress reducer.
  • Flavor strength: Mild, lightly floral. Primary collection is orchid over Oolong.
  • Caffeine: Mild.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
martha (Canandaigua, US)
Really great flavor.

New addition to my everyday favorite teas.

Wuji Rock is a favorite 'go to' tea. I savor every sip!

Kandace Smith (Falls Church, US)
Love It!

A true Oolong tea.

Thanks for letting us know of your satisfaction. We couldn't agree more!

Kris Bjerke-Ulliman
Distinctive and Delightful

This is my favorite - of all the "fancy" flavors - this simple tea has always called me back to the joy of drinking tea.

Your insights into this tea perfectly describe the tea. Thank you!