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Ti Kuan Yin - Organic Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

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For the uninitiated: oolong makes for a fascinating discovery. This dark leaf comes from southern Fujian in China, and is developed in Anxi, along the Hei river. Farms producing Ti Kuan Yin (one of the prime and most widely-enjoyed oolongs) are typically small, family-operated, and tend to utilize traditional methods unchanged by time.

The winding villages in the mountainous Anxi region live for oolong. It's the lifeblood of one in three families and its farming is at the heart of commerce and culture.

So what's so special? Let's begin with health. Properties of oolong range from the tisane being used as a tonic for common ailments to its anti-carcinogenic benefits being studied and explored. It's gentler on the system than a black tea, and richer than a green. The three are from the same plant family, originally; with green tea being the unfermented result, black tea being fully fermented, and oolong in the middle: partially fermented.

This tea's flavor is also worth noting. Somewhat sweeter than black or green, oolong is less likely to be blended as its flavor requires little adjustment. Rather it is taken hot or cold- the preferred tea to accompany a meal. Best of all this tea is non-caloric when unmixed. Often touted for its weight positive benefits, its origin is one of simplicity and gifts: a tale of a tea maker and his encounter with the goddess of mercy who noted his honest offerings and rewarded him with a secret. And today? Ti Kuan Yin is the most popular oolong worldwide. Find out why today.

Base leaf: Oolong organic tea

Health properties: Anti-carcinogenic properties, weight positive, bone positive.

Flavor strength: Medium, floral. This blend's primary collection is orchid-floral, a complex and smooth flavor with a deep finish.

Caffeine: Medium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
kc wi (Marengo, US)
great taste

I love this tea because it tastes like green tea, just a bit stronger

Because Ti Kuan Yin is an oolong, the leaves have been wilted like a black tea as well as steamed like a green. When the proportion of those procedures means it is more steamed than wilted, the resulting oolong tastes more 'green' or 'black'. Your observation that Ti Kuan Yin tastes like green tea reflects the fact it is more steamed than wilted.

Eugene Palmer (Wilbraham, US)

Hello Rob,
I want to thank you all for your 1st class service. As for the Ti Kuan Yin, I found it has good flavor but is a little bitter on the tongue afterwards. My favorite Oolong is "Prince of Peace" and I find it milder which of course is a personal preference. Please don't worry about the discount because I have plenty left over from my daughter's gift certificate. I wish you all the best in these tough times. Cheers, Gene

Thanks for the positive remarks, Gene. Of course, your stars are appreciated too!

Martha (Buffalo, US)
Such A Wonderful Tea

I really enjoy this tea. It is my favorite tea for easing into my morning. It's smooth with a subtle floral note. It's brews a beautiful rich color. I get several infusions from one brewing. What's not to love.

And we truly appreciate your letting us know of your satisfaction with this tea. It is rather amazing!