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Sencha Fuji - Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea

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An excellent every day Organic Green Tea.

A good example of organic loose tea done right. This tea benefits from having a blended heritage: a home in China and a Japanese preparation. Grown and plucked in rural China to USDA organic standards; this loose tea is steamed and pan fired in the Japanese Sencha tradition, bringing out the full pleasure of the unaltered organic Sencha. As this loose tea is grown and prepared in rural China, it is less expensive than its Japanese counterpart as Japan is a small country with limited agriculutural resources and a big appetite for its own home-grown loose teas.

As green teas, espeially whole leaf loose teas grow in popularity for its multitude of health positive qualities, this tea is definately on the recommended list. Health benefits are noteworthy in Sencha Fuji's soothing, antioxident, and anti-drowsy properties. This loose tea's origin speaks of this as well: it was brought from China around 1,200 years ago and immediately recognized as a restorative and a general tonic. As the very first handful of tea seeds were walked back by traveling monks; Japanese royalty initiated several new councils and positions of people whose job it would be to be knowledgeable about tea. Sencha Fuji, carried thusly in person from Jiangxi, is one such tea.

It's straight qualities are given vibrant life through its organic, cared-for upbringing. Delicious green tea flavor in all of it's menagerial simplicity rises above the faintest hint of vegetation and soil; arriving at a color-true finish. Sencha Fuji is particularly adaptable to temperature adjustment; offering a misty, aroma-based experience when hot or condensing to a more deeply herbed flavor to be savored in the mouth when cool or cold.

Enjoy Sencha Fuji Organic Loose Tea for good health and delicious taste.

Base leaf: Organic green loose tea
Health properties: General restorative, blood pressure positives.
Flavor strength: Medium, straight/ mildly menagerial. Primary collection is green/astringent. 
Light vegetative atop simple base.
Caffeine: Mild.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
T. (Fayetteville, US)
My favorite green tea!

Full body, smooth but with bold flavor and without overpowering.
True tea flavor without any floral undertones.
By far my favorite blend for everyday iced cold tea.

We are so happy to hear you love this blend! It is definitely delicious! We especially love hearing when customers enjoy our blends both hot and cold, as well! Happy sipping!

Mark Herron (Lafayette, US)
Pleasantly surprised

Received this today as a sample. Nice fresh taste and I had a hint of mint in the finish. Very good tea which will be added to my next order.

Thanks for your insightful comment regarding Sencha Fuji. If you would like an even more distinct mint flavor, you could try Moroccan Mint. It's a mixture of Gunpowder green tea combined with spearmint and peppermint. Excellent!

Patty (Henrietta, US)
Nice...and smooth

Some green teas are a bit bitter but this one is smooth and easy drinking. I love that it has "blood pressure positives" - always a plus! :)

Your remarks are 'right on' and we bet you might also enjoy Kyoto Cherry Rose, a favorite that has a base of Sencha.