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Maple - Loose Leaf Black Tea

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Source: Sri Lanka

Ingredients: Black tea, calendula petals, natural flavors, real maple syrup

Steeping Information: 1 TSP per Cup; Steep at 212 F for 3-5 minutes

Caffeine Content: Moderate


A Taste of Canadian Wilderness

Unearth the pristine beauty and rich heritage of the North Country with every sip of our Organic Maple Black Tea. Perfect for those who adore the sweetness of maple syrup and the comforting warmth of a fresh-brewed cup of tea. The symphony of tart and woodsy notes dances harmoniously with the irresistible sweetness of maple, ensuring a delightful experience for both seasoned tea aficionados and novices alike.

From Tree to Teacup

Our Organic Maple Black Tea isn't just another beverage; it's a labor of love. The sap, meticulously drawn from maple trees, undergoes a careful boiling process until it's reduced to a golden essence, bursting with rich aroma and flavor. This meticulous process ensures that you savor a genuine maple experience with every cup, making it more than just a drink, but a journey into nature's heart.

Health and Flavor Hand-in-Hand

Made from the finest organic black tea leaves, our Maple Black Tea promises not just taste but also health. Packed with organic nutrients, every cup offers a medium, warm flavor that predominantly exudes a luscious, melty black note. And with a mild caffeine content, it's the perfect drink to kick-start your day or relax during a cool evening.

Customer Reviews

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Amy (Ashburn, US)
So maple-y!

This tea is fantastic - a hearty maple flavor (highlighted with a touch of maple syrup added). It's delightful for the cold winter months!

It is so wonderful when we receive a glowing review like yours! Thanks for your kind words and evaluation of a yummy tea--Maple. Sip on! -Susan

Anonymous (San Diego, US)
Maple organic loose leaf black tea

I’ve been drinking this smooth fuller bodied Maple Black Tea for many years! I brew it stronger and look forward to a large flavorful mug every morning with a tad more maple syrup to round it out!

The Maple Organic Black Tea offered by Good Life Tea is a joy to provide to our customers. So often they are prepared for disappointment and viola! it is just the BEST!! We love to hear about the adjustments made to make it perfect for an individual's taste. Your additives sound yummy!

Jana Hernandez (Phoenix, US)
Marvelous Maple

I love this tea! I always drank White Peony Tea until I tried the Maple. Now I can't drink anything else! Give it a try you will love it too!

You have discovered two very flavorful teas, Jana! You may also want to try Black Currant and White Peach. Both are excellent as well!