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Jasmine Dragon Pearl - Loose Blooming Organic Green Tea

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A leaf and a bud hand rolled into a Pearl of Tea

As the saying goes: a proper cup of tea rewards patience, but a great cup insists on it. There's nothing confounding about preparing a cup of Dragon Pearl Jasmine green tea. On the contrary, the process is as straightforward as a trip to tisanal bliss can be. But the routine that one builds around their favorite brew is sacred, and you're sure to find yourself developing any number of rituals in which to cradle the experience of Dragon Pearl Jasmine. Or at least that's how we feel about this healthy, brisk, gently-unfurling blend. 

Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea brings its own story to the table: its eastern origins apparent in the graceful complexion of the loose leaves. The small “pearls” that one is confronted with hint at the natural tones that will soon be tasted. And as tea is by nature a transformative process, drinkers will delight to see these “pearls” slowly open up in the  tea water, sending a floral blush up through the wall of of green tea vapor.
A contemplative, mildly caffeinated green tea carries along with its profound Jasmine aroma a handful of healthy companions; promoting healthy cholesterol, the intake of vitamins C and E, and more.
Base leaf: Organic Green tea
Health properties: Weight-maintenance properties. Antioxidant qualities known.
Flavor strength: Light, airy. Primary collection is floral. Pearly jasmine over polite green 
Caffeine: Mild.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Corinne Stillman (Tacoma, US)
Easily my favorite tea

This is my favorite green tea! I wish I was eloquent and well versed in tea enough to explain the note and taste- but I make all my friends try this tea and it is always a quick favorite.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls are hand made 'pearls' and each of those spheres represents a tea leaf and a bud that has been infused with jasmine flowers. It truly has been treasured by generations and we're so happy you have discovered it!

J (Mahwah, US)
Jasmine Dragon Pearl

This tea tastes like it smells! Smooth and calming, with a slight floral note. Lovely when you want a light tea!

Your review arrived as I was sipping my Jasmine Pearl tea. I love the fact that it can be re-steeped which means I can sip it all day. Ahhhhhh, perfection!

Lidia Dumenigo (Fort Lauderdale, US)
good tea

This time, the tea doesn't have much aroma/flavor. disappointed.