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Ice Wine Loose Leaf Black Tea

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Pleasantly sweet tea with the deep aroma of captured sunshine and succulent winter harvested grapes. 

Pains are taken in the preparation of this chilled-grape concoction. Frozen is actually a more accurate term to describe the state of the grapes that form this tea's flavor core.  Ice wine, which is the core of this tea is created slowly and methodically.  Through the summer the grapes grow and gather sugar basking in the sunshine.  In the early fall when other grapes are picked, these remain on the vine soaking up the last long rays of sun. They remain on the vine into the cold dark days of winter.  During this solitude, the grapes loose moisture and the residual sugar concentrates. Just when winter seems to never go away, the grapes are harvested and processed.  The resulting wine is deep in flavor and syrupy sweet.  

Titled with the  “Eiswein” label, this blend does what it says on the tin. Black tea infused with winter harvested grape wine, this tisanal is innovation incarnate. Sure to satisfy the elemental cravings of any tea drinker: it offers a uniquely clean experience. Luxurious as it is crisp, Ice Wine Black tea is, to a certain degree, the logical conclusion of the black tea collection. Unobtrusive and crisp, it gracefully sidesteps any concept of a complex profile in favor of providing one clear sensation.
Enjoy this black tea hot, cold, or in your uncle's socks. A pleasing, tasteful tea and an excellent gift.

Base leaf: Black
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties.
Flavor strength: Mild, clear. Primary collection is leafy/straight with sweet notes of ice wine
Caffeine: Mild. No sugar

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pen & Ink (Ithaca, US)
Loved this tea

It is refreshing and has a taste like ice wine with refreshing fruit notes.

Being in 'wine country' we are trilled to offer Ice Wine Tea which makes our 'wine snob' sit up and take notice when they try it. Truly it is refreshing and excellent hot or cold.
Sip on~ Susan

Krystal Speed (Burlington, US)
Wonderful tea

I really love all of this tea!!!

Ice Wine is such a unique tea and because we reside in a wine producing region, we thought we'd try it. Yum! It's a winner!

craig blafer (Monett, US)
Good Tea, Good service

Tea arrived quickly and was wonderful. W had only had white ice wine before. This was a nice twist.

The Ice Wine has gained popularity quickly. It's particularly nice to serve at the end of a dinner party. What a surprise!