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English Breakfast - Organic Loose Black Tea

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 Although the English were not the first Europeans to bring tea from China, they certainly are credited to making it immensely popular.  In the early days, tea was a super luxury item and only the very rich (royalty and nobility) could afford. 


But whatever the "in crowd" liked the masses also wanted. As teas popularity increased, special fast sailing vessels called Clippers transported tea to the eager English tea drinkers. With the advent of steam ships, shipping became faster and less expensive.  As the British empire expanded and tea was grown in India and Africa and as transportation costs decreased and tea production increased, tea became less expensive, its popularity increased and demand soared. The masses adored it and it soon became a very English habit.

Even though the English loved their tea, it is believed that the moniker English Breakfast Tea was first coined by an American merchant who was selling a blend of Chinese black teas. Perhaps associating his tea to the English, helped his sales as many American merchants adopted the name.  However, it was Queen Victoria who popularized the name as she traveled to Scotland's Balmoral Castle and wanted to differentiate her special English tea blend which she enjoyed at breakfast.

Today, English Breakfast Teas, while not uniformly standard, are commonly a blend of Chinese, Indian and African black teas. As is ours. As you drink this tea in the morning, think back to the glorious Empire days as you steel yourself for the day ahead. Carpe Diem. Sieze the day with this tried and true morning starter.

Additionally, our tea is certified organic.

Base leaf: Organic Black tea.
Health properties: Energy restorative, mild caffeine.
Flavor strength: Full, Primary collection is smooth black with a touch of astringency
Caffeine: Mild

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Anonymous (Cincinnati, US)

I look forward to it every morning

So glad to be a part of your morning ritual, Michael. Thanks for the stars!!!!!

Sam Tonzi (Rochester, US)
Amazing tea! Will never by another brand!

I love this store, their products, and service. I will never buy another brand. All the teas I have tried are fantastic with such a great flavor. I think the prices are fair. All around great!

Sam. you have made our day with your kind words. It is our privilege to provide this delicious tea to you!

John Demske (Canandaigua, US)
Recent purchase

Good product, great delivery duration

Thanks John. May we continue to provide product and delivery to you in the future!