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Chocolate Mint - Loose Leaf Black Tea

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Source: Sri Lanka

Ingredients: Black tea, peppermint leaves, carob cacao bean pieces, calendula, marigold sunflower petals, natural flavors.Β 

Steeping Information: 1 TSP per Cup; Steep at 212 F for 3-5 minutes

Caffeine Content: Moderate

This is not just a tea; it's a decadent journey into the world of flavors that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Picture this: a luxurious blend of premium black tea, refreshing peppermint leaves, luscious carob cacao bean pieces, and the bright hues of calendula and marigold sunflower petals.

Craving the sensation of a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie or the cool refreshment of a York peppermint patty? Our Chocolate Mint Black Tea captures those flavors perfectly, giving you a treat that's like dessert without the guilt. Every sip unfolds a full-bodied taste that's as rich as it is invigorating – it's like a moment of indulgence you can savor without counting calories.

Even the aroma of this tea is a delight in itself – a symphony of chocolate and mint that will have your senses craving that first sip. And guess what? This tea brings more than just pleasure to your palate; it's packed with antioxidants, giving you a healthful boost as you savor the goodness.

Craving a full, dark, earthy flavor? Look no further. With a hint of caffeine, this tea is perfect for those moments when you want to treat yourself without going overboard.

So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your tea experience with the Luxury Loose Leaf Chocolate Mint Black Tea. It's a treat for your senses, your health, and your soul. Give in to the temptation and bring home a taste of pure luxury today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nancy (Fayetteville, US)
Just like a dessert

A friend of mine who is not a 'tea snob' suggested I mix the Chocolate Mint with Peppermint Herbal tea. We sweetened it with honey and bingo.....a wonderful refreshing after dinner tea. You might also want to sneak a small square of Hersey's dark chocolate into your mouth after your first few sips to bring your after dinner delight to an even great level of pleasure! This concoction was such a pleasant sensation to my palette that I doubled my Chocolate Mint tea order!

We LOVE when our customers give us ideas for 'changing up' our teas. Thank you Nancy for the special recipe with the secret addition! Sounds perfect!

Al Davis (DeSoto, US)
Tea, ugh, uplifting note, YES!!

I just got this and it is not tasty to me I can't explain it! So now I am going to have two or three tea parties to get rid of it! Then I will see what others think as it could be me. I loved the uplifting note!!!!

Oh Al, we do have more than 125 teas in the Good Life Tea inventory so you are likely not to like a few. It is rather funny that you didn't like the same tea that 2 other customers had rave reviews for this morning!

Nate Izzo (New York, US)

I'm new to loose leaf tea; this is the second one that I tried and the second one that I liked! It smells like Andes mints and tastes the same. While my palette isn't the most refined, it tastes smooth and rich, and the flavor is amazing. I definitely expect to be getting it again soon!

Thank you Nate. Your comments are spot on and we appreciate hearing from you!