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Canandaigua Chill - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea

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Canandaigua Chill is our signature blend of apple, strawberry and a touch of cinnamon spice.

Sometimes it only takes a word, or a phrase. Spice. Apple. Chill. The warmth and closeness conjured up by the images, smells, and even sounds that these bring up is, for many people, immediate. In America apples, spice, and apple-flavored (and apple-spiced!) things are perhaps most closely associated with the home-bound holidays of the fall and winter seasons or even the quintessential American Apple Pie.

But a great tea is good any time and any place, and our Canadaigua Chill captures the autumnal pleasures of its hearty flavor collection and makes them accessible year-round. Add a healthy dose of varietal berry flavors and a pinch of clove, hibiscus, and other tantalizing wild cards, and you have an incredible blend: cosmopolitan and homey in each sip.

Canadaigua Chill abounds with herbal goodness. A true herbal fruit experience, it has the full character of a spiced fruit tea but the layers and finish of an Eastern herbal: with hibiscus and Lingonberry and cinnamon playing off of each other. Flavor traditions combine and swell to support the rich apple notes.

From the hillsides of Kerala India, to the American kitchen to this herbal fruit tisane is full of surprises, and the discerning drinker will note not just cranberry and Rosehips, but also clove notes. The layers lend themselves to a sort of floral, garden-grove Chai (minus the caffeine).

In warmer weather, this tea makes for a marvelous cold (chill) cup. Icing it can either emphasize the sweetness or the spice, and this variety is sure to inspire you to a cold tea creation that will satisfy. Hibiscus and clove tend to take prominence in a colder, sweeter rendition of this drink, letting the tart richness of the berries subside and play a lesser role. The pink infusion is sightly and appealing: suggesting the complexity of the apple spiced Canadaigua Chill awaiting the drinker.

This Fruit Tea honors Western NY where apples, and strawberries are plentiful. Our most popular tea is Hot Cinnamon Spice.  With this blend, we choose to honor both the apples and cinnamon/clove combination to celebrate our local heritage and our great customers.  

(FYI - in teenage speak chill is state of mind representing calmness and coolness.) Try our regional favorite fruit tea and get into the Canandaigua Chill. 

Base leaf: Herb/Fruit and spices

Health properties: Calming, antioxidant properties.

Flavor strength: Moderate, spiced apple and berries.

Caffeine: None.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kristen (Brooklyn, US)

Canandaigua Chill makes the best iced tea...ever. During summer I can't drink enough of it.

Thanks for the review, Kristen! You may be interested to know that Canandaigua Chill was inspired by the beautiful lake just outside our store. It is perfect today and a great time to have some of the tea named for the lake! Cheers!!!

TH (Hermitage, US)
Great tasting tea!

The Canandaigua Fruit Tea is a great tasting tea. I do suggest either using 1/2 tsp for 8oz or 1 tsp for 12oz cup.

We always appreciate suggestions from customers and will let other fans of Canandaigua Chill know of your recommendation. Thank you!

Elizabeth Weir (Henrietta, US)
summer Sipping

Even in summer I still enjoy a cup of hot tea. this has a refreshing light taste so I can enjoy it both cold or hot.

Thank you for your review Elizabeth! Did you know that tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, next to water? Another fun fact is that the vast majority of people --even in the hottest countries in the world drink tea hot!