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Blue Eyes - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea

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Frankie - Old Blue Eyes himself use to croon - And I did my way. 

Teas categorized as herbal and fruit are – in some circles – treated as newcomers to the arena. This blend accommodates the tastes of people who wanted to experience a refreshing healthy new style drink without caffeine. So whether you think of our Blue Eyes fruit blend as a guilt-free treat or simply just a fascinating and fresh` new format for true tea-ness to take; we know that satisfaction will be singular and lingering.

How can we make this promise? What we've got is a terrific ‘tea’ that is unbelievably delicious and enjoyed hot or cold! Versatile and well suited to newcomers and experts alike; this tea has a downright exotic flavor collection. It begins with the sweetest and tartest notes of caramel and fruit. The fruit, for its part, is unveiled in a medley of flavors combining with the natural strength and tartness of dried fruits. This versatility is literal as well: Blue Eyes Fruit Tea makes for a summertime cooler as well as a wintertime summer reminder.  

Frank Sinatra - Old Blue Eyes himself - was the inspiration for this fruit blend. The fruit blend has a mysterious character that tends to be sweet. The visual appearance is enticing with cornflower petals and the highly visual fruit pieces. Blue Eyes is best enjoyed in the mid afternoon during a break from hectic activity or vigorous workout or after an evening meal; the flavor profile encourages a relaxing moment. Dried apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, cornflower petals, rosehip pieces, sweet orange peel, and natural flavors are blended for this unique herbal tea. Delicious over ice or you can do it your way. 

Base leaf:  Fruit and Herbs
Health properties: Known antitoxic and antioxidant properties.
Flavor strength: Moderate, floral. Primary collection is tart over petal-sweet.
Caffeine: None.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gunter (South Elgin, US)
Very popular

I love Blue Eyes tea, so do my friends who come over once a week. Everybody is looking forward for that tea. I have to say, though. 31$ is quite expensive for 16oz of tea.

Thanks for your observations, Gunter! We're glad both you and your friends like Blue Eyes. Regarding the price, when you break it down the cost does come down to about 11 cents per cup. Not bad, particularly since your friends are fans as well!

Ben Dickey (South Jordan, US)
Blue eyes

Some of best tea that I've tried in awhile! Added some honey that I got from a local bee keeper. Good to have during the cold months

Thanks for your review and suggestion to add honey to this flavorful tisane (fruit tea)! We are going to try it!

J (Mahwah, US)
Delicious and refreshing

Blue eyes is a wonderful herbal tea enjoyed hot or cold. Smooth and satisfying! Also a good choice when you want a little sweet without the sugar!

Thank you, J. Your description is absolutely perfect. Blue Eyes delivers sweetness without sugar. Now that's pretty amazing!