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Amethyst Berry - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea

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Purple is a color that is often associated with royalty, and this tea is certainly fit for the kings and queens. It brews to a vibrant purple color that is incredibly pleasant just to gaze into, but your delight will be enhanced as this tea graces your palate. Blended with hibiscus, butterfly pea flower, apple pieces, rose hips, orange, papaya flavor, blueberries, strawberries, and natural blackberry flavors, as you sip this decadence your taste buds will be delighted by the depth and continual surprises present in this tea. While it is certainly delicious both hot and cold, we highly recommend this tea chilled. It is very refreshing and a wonderful treat for any afternoon!

  • Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit
  • Health properties: Hypo-allergenic, respiratory-positive.
  • Flavor strength: Modest, primary collection is papaya with  deep berry notes.
  • Caffeine: None.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
J.M.B. (Apollo Beach, US)
Best tea shop

My friend Deborah in New York took me to this tea shop.
Amethyst berry
Is delish hot or cold
Also bought
Tea to help me sleep
It relaxes me before bed
Shop was a great find and shop keeper/owner is so knowledgeable could have stayed for hours talking to her regarding history of teas and blends

You wrote a delightful review and we would like to thank you! We truly appreciate your business and kind words.

J.L. (Lansing, US)
The prettiest and best tasting tea!

Thanks to my good friend in NY I have tried this amazing tea before and today I just got a whole bag for myself. (Thanks Krista!) Great birthday present!! 💜 I've never had anything like this tea before. I enjoy fruit teas but usually enjoy mint so not only will I be back for more Amethyst berry tea, I'm browsing your site for anything with mint. Lovely tea, thanks to whoever in the comments mentioned to put in your water bottle to get water in, I'm going to try that! I also plan on dying something sometime with this tea color, so pretty!!!! (Maybe a pillowcase or socks...although if I get adventurous I may try my hair someday. Haha!)

What an intriguing review, Jennifer! Did you know you we carry plain Peppermint? You can add it to any of our teas. One I would suggest you try is Autumn Sunset. It has a long list of ingredients and mint is one of them. Yummy!

Karen Borsos Debs (Milford, US)
Amethyst Berry tea

What a great tea! Susan introduced it to us and my daughter thought she knew what it was like as she asked for the "blue tea" that her friend had purchased and she had tried from a chain store in CT. Well, when we all tried this tea - it did "change color" but the flavor, as my daughter put it, was far superior, conversation color (also transforms to purple if you steep it longer) aside, we will be purchasing from Susan again.

Your review really made my day, Karen! Amethyst Berry is a magical joy to behold and, of course, to sip as well. Thank you for letting us know about your feelings about it.