Long Handled Infuser

A Versitile Infuser for Loose Leaf Teas.

Use this tea infuser in any teacup to brew your loose tea.  The micro perforated stainless steel basket is large enough for large leaf teas like green tea  and fine enough to hold the finest tea leaves like Rooibos.  The large basket allows the hot water to thoroughly infuse the tea leaves. The micro perforated holes keeps the tea in and brews the clearest cup of tea even for chais.

With the long handle, simply hang the tea infuser inside your cup, add your loose leaf tea and steep.  After steeping, rest the tea infuser on the ceramic dish to keep things tidy. No drips, how neat!

Get Rid of Your Tea Ball

This is a great replacement to a tea strainer, tea ball, tea ball spoon or pincer spoon. Some tools have outlived their usefullness and these are old technoligy.  Ease and convenience is the way to go.  This infuse eliminates the accidental leaf spill when the tea ball clasp releases or the pincer opens up.  Because this infuser basket is larger and has many super-fine holes, the tea leaves get better hot water circulation than a cramped tea ball or pincer spoon provides. This makes a better cup of tea.

With this infuser you also eliminate the need to use a tea pot to make tea.  

The stainless steel tea infuser costs a few dollars more but the difference is well worth it. Stop wasting money by not getting the full flavors from your premium tea by using an inferior tea ball or pincer spoon.  Be smart and save money. Step up to a better infuser.  Order yours today.

This infuser fits the widest of cups. Its best for medium size cups (up to 12 ounces).  For larger cups (12 ounces plus) we suggest this infuser with a deeper wider basket.

Features a lead free ceramic finish on the holding dish.
Made of high quality stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Best tea strainer!

This is the BEST tea strainer. I’m sure all tea drinkers have many, many tea strainers/tea balls. I have several, but this is the one I’ve used for many years. The strainer is deep enough to fit in a mug so all the tea leave are thoroughly steeped and the wonderful little dish catches the drips. The dish on the bottom of my old one fell and broke and I search the Internet for one just like it. The strainer has been changed slightly since my original one was purchased. The holes are smaller so less tea floats away and it is slightly lighter in weight. It is still the best!

Your tea strainer is not only great but it should give you decades of use. Sip on!

Perfect Single Tea Accessory

Well made with just the right amount of perforations to allow tea to steep as recommended. The accompanying tea saucer keeps everything tidy...

This infuser is awesome in every way and it will last forever as it is made from stainless steel. Perfect!

Just what I wanted

I love this nifty little thing. It's easy to use and convenient! I do find it works best with the herbal teas which have bigger pieces. The more fine the tea is the more particles will be at the bottom of the cup...but that being said, it's really not that much. Glad I bought it!

The long handled infuser is a great solution to steeping issues of the past, particularly the steeper ball that would pop open at inopportune moments or need to be crammed with tea that wouldn't even get wet, much less impart flavor. Yours should last a long, long time. Sip on!