Lavender - Loose Herbal Tea


A wonderful additive for your tea that transforms it into a soothing fragrant elixir.

Sometimes it's the details of outward appearance that strike us first, no matter how much we try to judge based on depth. One such case is with lavender, whose insistent color is most at home set against the white walls of a Mediterranean garden, with brambles of hot weeds around its base, reaching up to lovely heights, naturally scented. A blossom that conjures up more delicate aromatics, lavender actually plays out an ever so mildly pungent role as a tea. This herbal tisane is a longstanding medicinal aid, and its flavor does retain a certain aspect of what is considered a “healthy” collection. Unfilly, unassuming, and altogether satisfying: lavender is for everyday relaxation. No fireworks or overwhelming risks in the profile here: just an herbal tea that has a gentle, positive affect on a few of your body's basic tasks.

Lavender has long figured into lore, associated with love, sleep, and calmness. From its Mediterranean roots, the plant has traveled to now being one of the most widely-grown tisanal hebs; found in brews ranging from Japan to the U.S. This simple loose tea can be steeped in just a few minutes, releasing its mild floral textures and just a hint of pungency: bringing together a full herbal experience. Blended with other teas, like Earl Grey or Sench and other green teas, it brings forth a delicate floral notes that tame.  Experiment today with this versatile herb.  Clean mix. no stems.

Base leaf: Herbal
Health properties: Natural digestive aid. Antioxidant qualities known.
Flavor strength: Mild, herbal. Primary collection is floral. Mildly floral, tease of garden pungency.
Caffeine: None.

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So thankful!!
One of the nice aspects of loose leaf tea is being able to mix it as you like. Your suggested combination sounds awesome!
Lavender tea
Thanks Cheryl and did you notice a little lavender goes a long way?