Lapsang Souchong - Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea


Dare to try Lapsang Souchong. The smoky haze will either draw you in or not.

A dark tea with smoke in its flavor: this Chinese black is a loose tea to be tried and re-tried, approached carefully, savored. Hailing from the Fujian province, this firmly caffeinated black tea will do more than wake you up: Lapsand Souchong will wake you up to a full oak fire, warming you in your mountain retreat about the Fujian landscape. Oak and smoke blending and trailing the corners of the room.

The Wuyi mountains are home to this smoked black tea, whose distinct aroma made it one of the earliest internationally whispered-about blends, as its smoky quality appealed to a more exotic side of tea drinking, going far beyond a simple afternoon's pleasure. Lasang Souchong is an acquired taste for the adventurous tea drinker. Even its beginnings involve a bit of risk and innovation. The story is that the men waiting to transport the gathered leaves were short on time desperately needing to get to the market. Without the ability to undertake the traditional, patient method of drying, they used pinewood fires, withering the leaves at an accelerated rate and leading to a final batch that had a unique, tarry, tantalizing collection. Tasting fully like a black tea and yet immersively carrying its smoky story, this tea is a must for black tea lovers and adventuresome tea explorers alike.

This smoky tea will clear the haze. Drink down the smoke and you will see your path clearly. Open your mind now to a new tea. Order some today.

PS - Makes a great rub on meats. Natural smoke flavor seasons nicely. 

Base leaf: Black tea - Organic
Health properties: Reported restorative of energy and focus.
Flavor strength: Full, tarry. Primary collection is smoke: pine and oak atop the cooling black 
Caffeine: Medium.

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Lapsang Souchong is a coveted old classic that became popular in England when the oriental tea traders would store their tea above the overnight campfires in order to keep it away from animals. The tea would absorb some of the campfire flavor and the British loved it. Since then, the popularity has grown. If it is a bit too much for you, try Russian Country tea that is a mixture of the Lapsang and other Asian teas.
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