Lakeside Calm -Organic Loose Fruit Tea


The perfect accompaniment for your lazy summer days with its refreshing taste and calming properties.

We all crave an endless summer lounging by Canandaigua Lake with nothing but hammocks, sunshine, and cool water to wash away the worries of our "real life".  

Lakeside CalmOur crisp blend of hibiscus, lemon and lavender creates a sophisticated Iced Tea that brews up dark pink.  A hint of delicate lavender makes you ponder the small joys of life, like this delicious tea.

After your summer respite, close your eyes as you sip Lakeside Calm and think about your favorite lake and calmness will wash over you.

Enjoy Lakeside Calm cold steeped in our Mist Iced Tea Maker.  For a slightly sweeter iced tea,try adding 1-2 teaspoons of sugar and a splash of fresh lemon.  It makes a wonderful hot tea too,

Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit 
Health properties: Vitamin C qualities known.
Flavor strength: Full, notable. Primary collection is slightly tart hibiscus
Caffeine: None.

Canandaigua Lake is a Finger Lake in western NY renown for its deep crystal clear water.  The surrounding hills are dotted by many vineyards producing noted wines.

Customer Reviews

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Full Tart Taste
Thank you for your kind review! You may be interested to know that Lakeside Calm was inspired by Canandaigua Lake. It's calm stillness is the perfect backdrop for an early morning cup of tea.
Surprisingly Refreshing
So you like Lakeside Calm cold. Would you believe just as many of our customers like it hot? Either way it doesn't disappoint and is perfectly named as it does evoke a sense of calm. Delightful sipping!