Hibiscus - Loose Organic Herbal Tea


Deep and rich, these floral organic Hibiscus leaves will infuse a deep and exquisite flavor.

HIbiscus is also known as flor de Jamaica or roselle.

A striking red color reminiscent of nothing so much as burgundy wine; our matchless organic hibiiscus tea leaves are the beginning of a deep, balanced tisanal experience. 

Think you've tried it all? Not sure what sort of tea turns you on, off, or otherwise? Interested in trying loose leaves and experiencing thetrue cup? Our Organic Hibiscus is a simple, delicious way to note the lasting goodness of loose tea even while savoring a gardenial blend whose tart floral flavors will make a convert out of even the sternest doubter.

A natural source of vitamin C and a proven blood pressure reducer, this tea's healthy boost is just the beginning of its pleasures and benefits. Calming and naturally caffeine free; this farmland crop is simplicity exemplified. Hibiscus contains much more than just astringent deliciousness in its flavor collection.

Organic, tasty, and a beautiful cranberry, pomegranate flavor; this Hibiscus cup is recommended for lovers of hot or cold tea. Try it iced and sweetened for an afternoon nip. Blend it hot in the morning to start the day right. Wind down the evening hours with this blend served hotorcold.

We know you'll feel the same way as we do: this blend is a winner.

For a Jamaican twist blend it with Ginger and sweetener called Sorrell.

Our hibiscus can be used to make Bissap,

Base leaf: Herbal tea.

Health properties: Source of vitamin C, anti-toxic properties known.

Flavor strength: Medium, airy herbal and deep astringent gardenial.

Caffeine: None.

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Thanks for your review. Your observations are right on, and hibiscus is so good for you. Lots of Vitamin C!
Hibiscus Tea
Thanks for letting us know Sandra. You may be interested to know that our Hibiscus comes from Sudan.
Thanks for your feedback.