Ice Wine Loose Leaf Black Tea


Titled with the  “Eiswein” label, this blend does what it says on the tin. Black tea infused with winter harvested grape wine, this tisanal is innovation incarnate. Sure to satisfy the elemental cravings of any tea drinker: it offers a uniquely clean experience. Luxurious as it is crisp, Ice Wine Black tea is, to a certain degree, the logical conclusion of the black tea collection. Unobtrusive and crisp, it gracefully sidesteps any concept of a complex profile in favor of providing one clear sensation.
Enjoy this black tea hot, cold, or in your uncle's socks. A pleasing, tasteful tea and an excellent gift.

Base leaf: Black
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties.
Flavor strength: Mild, clear. Primary collection is leafy/straight with sweet notes of ice wine
Caffeine: Mild. No sugar

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful tea

I really love all of this tea!!!

Ice Wine is such a unique tea and because we reside in a wine producing region, we thought we'd try it. Yum! It's a winner!
Good Tea, Good service

Tea arrived quickly and was wonderful. W had only had white ice wine before. This was a nice twist.

The Ice Wine has gained popularity quickly. It's particularly nice to serve at the end of a dinner party. What a surprise!
Ice Wine Tea

This tea is a unique and delicious find. Not easy to find, but well worth the search. Thank you for carrying it!!

Since Good Life Tea is located in Upstate NY's Wine Region, it has been nice to see the reaction to Ice Wine Tea. We produce quite a bit of ice wine here but nothing quite so unique as Ice Wine Tea!
New Ice Wine Tea

I ordered this as soon as I saw it because I love ice wine, but it does not taste like I expected. It is ok, but a bit flowery. I was expecting a bit more grape flavor. Wish I hadn't ordered 4 ounces.

Good Life Tea tries hard to have the most tasty teas and would certainly be happy if everyone loves all of them. That just isn't possible. Cherie, please get in touch and we'll send you another tea to compensate for your disappointment.

This has a very unique taste in comparison to other teas. I love the grape flavor and hint of floral sweetness of the tea. It has an inviting aroma and even better taste. This was the first ice wine tea I've ever tried but I'm in love! I will definitely be purchasing this again!

Hey Miranda Thanks for the review. Ice Wine tea is unusual. Its amazing how the 2 flavors compliment each other without out doing each other. Glad you loved it. Rob the Tea Guy