Hip Hop Honey Licorice - Loose Fruit Tea


A zany sweet licorice fruit tea that is uncommonly delicious - an acquired taste for most. 

It's sweet, refreshing, and a natural pick-me-up: Hip Hop Honey Herb and Fruit Tea is a caffeine free blend of sweet and wholesome fruit like apples and currants, fennel, cornflower petals, hibiscus, rose hip pieces, and licorice. Each sip of this tea brings ease to the mind: it conjures images of bees humming and bopping from flower to flower, warm spring breezes billowing through newly-bloomed roses, and the bright meadow sun, bringing warmth and livelihood to all of nature. 

Hip Hop Honey delivers myriad health properties that contribute to a healthful lifestyle. The naturally dried apples and currants provide vitamins, while the fennel, cornflower petals, hibiscus, rose hip, and licorice contribute the coveted antioxidants that so many other beverages lack. Hip Hop Honey and Fruit Tea is naturally sweetened by thick, luxurious, golden honey. This natural alternative to processed, granulated sugar provides all of the same delicious sweetness but without any negative health effects or manufactured tastes. Cornflower is used in a multitude of cultures to increase eyes and strength of vision, while adding beautiful blue undertones to beverages. Hibiscus, a flowering plant with numerous health and aesthetic properties, is often used by gardeners to attract bees and hummingbirds. From West Africa to Indonesia, hibiscus is a revered natural cooking element; dried hibiscus is a delicacy in Mexico and is used in a variety of beverages – it's no wonder that Hip Hop Honey and Fruit Tea is delicious and extremely good for the body and soul.

The health properties and delicious flavors infused in Hip Hop Honey and Fruit Tea are undeniably energizing and clarifying. This cornucopia of flavors and nutrients will detoxify the body and mind while providing refreshment and long-lasting enjoyment from dusk til dawn. 

Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties known, vitamin-rich, nutrient-rich.
Flavor strength: Full, dark, earthy. Primary collection is honey over scattered dried herb.
Caffeine: zero

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Too floral, not enough licorice.

Hmmm, sorry you were disappointed. Please drop by to try our Licorice black tea. We would love to get your opinion about it.