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Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea brings its own story to the table: its eastern origins apparent in the graceful complexion of the loose leaves. The small “pearls” that one is confronted with hint at the natural tones that will soon be tasted. And as tea is by nature a transformative process, drinkers will delight to see these “pearls” slowly open up in the  tea water, sending a floral blush up through the wall of of green tea vapor.
A contemplative, mildly caffeinated green tea carries along with its profound Jasmine aroma a handful of healthy companions; promoting healthy cholesterol, the intake of vitamins C and E, and more.
Base leaf: Green tea
Health properties: Weight-maintenance properties. Antioxidant qualities known.
Flavor strength: Light, airy. Primary collection is floral. Pearly jasmine over polite green 
Caffeine: Mild.

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Goodness in Tea

Love the taste and brew.

Amazing taste!!!

I got white and roobios tea and it's amazing! Incredible taste and unparallel to anything I've ever had before

We're so pleased, you're pleased! Thank you and sip on!
Love my Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

Incredibly delicious, delicately flavored and fragrant; I will definitely be purchasing more; lastly, I really appreciated the handwritten note of encouragement which was very apropos!

Our jasmine pearls are so elegant and it's quite possible to get multiple steepings out of a single teaspoon! May you continue to be inspired by Good Life Tea!
jasmine pearls

great tea and service. my selection of tea was shipped the day i ordered it and included 3 free samples of green teas. in the package was also a note of thanks for the purchase

The Jasmine Pearls are pretty darn special and we're pleased you are pleased. Thank you for your review!

This tea is my “de-stress” go-to!

Our jasmine pearls make such a special tea. It de-stresses, as you mentioned, but it also provides an aromatic retreat and it is so beautiful. Did you notice how the pearls open during the steeping process?