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Decaf Mango Loose Leaf Black Tea

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Mango is the fruit of the gods. 

Our Decaf Mango Black loose leaf tea is made with dried mango pieces and premium Ceylon black tea from the island nation of Sri Lanka. It is a delightful tea drinking experience, with a juicy texture and creamy-dry finish. Great mystic poets throughout the ages have sung its praises. Mughal emperor Akbar ordered the planting of one hundred thousand of its trees. In Hinduism, the perfectly ripe fruit is often held by Lord Ganesha as a symbol of the attainment of perfection. In many cultures it represents fertility, bliss, even immortality. 

Not just any tea is worthy enough to marry into such a lineage. But we think this Ceylon black is up to the challenge. After all, it was grown not far from the rustling leaves of tall mango trees on the mango-native southeast Asian island of Sri Lanka. Our Decaf Mango Black blends the clean citrus taste of premium black tea leaves with the flavor of exquisite ripened mangoes. It has a wonderful bouquet floral aroma with a candy sweet taste. Note the unique juicy texture as well as the creamy-dry finish that truly make this tea a unique and wonderful drinking experience. Its unique flavor, texture, and sweetness make it a great pairing for a variety of savory foods and deserts, from sweet sticky rice, to delicate chutneys, delicious fruit pastries to custard cakes. 

Try mixing it with a little strawberry, and this tea will blow your mind. Be sure to order extra. 

Base leaf: Black tea.
Health properties: Vitamin rich, anti-toxic properties.
Flavor strength: Full, Primary collection is aromatic tree-true mango, creamy notes.
Caffeine: None

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Diane Rushlow (Columbus, US)
Summer Fun with Tea

All the teas are wonderful!

With as many teas as we have in inventory, that is a big compliment! Here is an equally big response, 'THANK YOU!'

Janet Rivera (Eagle, US)
A great tea at last!

I have been searching for a great black decaf tea with just a hint of mango, and now I have found it. Good Life Teas starts with a wonderful, quality black tea, which makes all the difference. Then they add just a hint of flavor that doesn't overwhelm the quality tea. Too many tea companies back in the flavoring until you can't taste the tea anymore. This one retains the great tea flavor, but adds the hint of mango, making a delicious tea.

You are so right, Janet! This tea is so evenly balanced, it is a joy to sip!

Janet Rivera (Eagle, US)
Wonderful tea

I love this tea! It is hard to find good quality decaf teas with just a hint of fruit flavor, but Good Life Teas does it well! First, they start with a really good black tea. So many flavored teas tend to add flavoring to a lower quality black tea thinking the flavoring will cover it. But the base for this is a really good tasting black tea! Then the flavor is just a hint. I want a black tea with a hint of fruit, not a fruity infusion with just a hint of tea! I think this is a wonderful tea.

Thanks for your review Janet! Decaf Mango has become a favorite recently and we are happy to add your name to the long list of fans. I blended it with Splendid Vanilla recently. Yum!!