Chocolate Mint -Loose Rooibos Tea


A caffeine free tea - a real treat with its combo of chocolate and mint.

Minted fresh. Rolling out of obscurity; here is the final word on all things flavorful. Perhaps. Because the order of taste belongs to tried and true schema. Thus a rich mint infusion of Chocolate Mint Rooibos may prove more preferential than a plain cup. Why not try it. Its a caffeine free tea, zero calorie dessert in a cup.

With the storied Rooibos at its core, Chocolate Mint stands to reason: both in terms of its primary collection and its flavor profile as a whole. You couldn't manufacture this if you wanted to: a deep Rooibos flavor; red in its appearance and full in its richness. Infused with a crisp mint. An unexpected visitor bringing a cool mist to the table even as chocolate fills it out. The final product is mellow and indescribable. Try to have someone put into words the Chocolate Mint Experience. One imagines that they'll find themselves unable. Bowed at the chalice of this blend's collection of flavor.

Culled from South Africa; Rooibos is carefully selected along with peppermint, and other additives. The warm, melty taste lingers log after the primaries fade. This is a luxurious, full-bodied tea to be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, or evening: a lush experience of the rooibos world provided in a delicate, firmly-flavored packet.

Base leaf: Rooibos
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties known, weight management properties.
Flavor strength: medium- refreshing. primary collection is crisp gathered chocolate and mint reminiscent of a girl scout cookie.
Caffeine: None.

Chocolate Mint Rooibos is a caffeine free tea.

Customer Reviews

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Minty Smoothness!

I really do enjoy this tea! I added cream and honey, giving it that rich and smooth sweetness 😋

We often refer to this tea as a Girl Scout cookie (Thin Mint, what else?) in a cup. Your suggestions to add to it sound amazing!

Fantastic Tea

The order went smoothly on line and arrived quickly. The chocolate mint rooibos tea tastes delicious. I will definitely order again.

Chocolate Mint is a crowd favorite, particularly at this time of year. We're so pleased with your remarks. Thank you!

Mmm good rooibos tea

coming from South Africa, rooibos tea is a staple. but adding Belgian chocolate, or chocolate mint, makes it a great go to comfort drink! Super to drink before sleep in the winter too.
Thank you.

Even if it didn't grow in my backyard, I can see making these rooibos the 'go to' beverage. Either is perfect at bedtime or any time of day.